I'm a Crypto-Babe - It's T-Shirt Official!


This past week, I got into bed...with the @steembirds!


And that bed took us to many interesting places! Hahaha

Keep an eye out for my interview with them, coming soon to a computer screen near you! It's sure to be a block(chain)buster! (Bahaha. #sorrynotsorry)

Stay tuned! ;)

Jackie O

P.S. Check out their recent "In Bed with the Steembirds" interview with @lifesacircus !

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I laughed so hard at your infinity scarf. Loved it. Hahaha. Also, you've set their expectations high in terms of in-bed gymnastics...

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The shirt looks great on you!

😍😍😍 the tshirt @jackieobermeyer!!

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Hahaha yes!! I'm pretty jazzed by it too @marblely!

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I’m lovin’ that shirt 😂


Hahaha. Thanks @stackin! Me too :)

Nice, congratulations @jackieobermeyer, happy to see you smiling!



Thanks @friendly-fenix! It feels good to smile! :D