Buy or win? Steem for Inverters

4년 전

Steem is a cryptomoneda created to solve the main structural problems in the sector of social networks and creation of content.


The three problems he seeks to solve are:

  • The centralization that leads to the possibility of censorship and vulnerability in terms of information security.

  • User privacy and monetization as you make money.

  • The economic model around the creation of content and the attention of the users.

Steem solution

It is based on an economic model and an ecosystem with multiple applications in which Steemit stands out, and is the most popular platform and is a platform that pays its creators for its content, using a measure of influence of the platform called steem power (SP).

STEEM POWER.- Works as an indicator of popularity of a post, is the voting power of a user of steemit.



The platform has suffered ups and downs and has been subject to attacks by some bitcoiners but in general the platform has continued to grow in popularity and the increase in steem price seems to be offsetting the effort of the creators and those who participate in the platform.

Like other applications of the block chain, we are talking about an unexplored territory and it is impossible to predict a maximum cap as far as prices are concerned, as the price fluctuated between 15 cents and 1.50 at this time and more than one Dollar, the price may skyrocket but I believe that the asymmetries of the global economy will keep on steem price pressure in the low range of the criptomonedas.

Well this refers to the value that holds the price is the value of the attention focused on the content focused by the users the inputs or direct costs generated to create this content are determined largely by the geographical location of the user.


The costs of creating content such as housing, light, internet, coffee, which is extremely important for any creator who respects himself, food, transportation, etc, will be lower for someone in Peru than for another in the United States.

The other component of this equation that is the attention is a means of payment but its quotation does not depend solely on the platform, the demand for attention in the environment of the users and the greater the purchasing power of the users, the higher the price Of that attention of that attention, in general the advertisers in all the platforms are willing to pay more for the attention of users with greater capacity of payment.

This symmetry makes the pressure of compensation for the creator down and the value of attention is upward.

Steemit's long-term success will depend on its ability to keep incentives aligned while retaining both creators and audiences.

In summary

I think steemit has a lot of potential but before investing in this cryptononeda I recommend that you use the platform of steemit so you have first hand experience, you can open an account review the content, see how much and how it is won and thus determine if in your Opinion if the project has a future.


If you are a content creator you can earn steem instead of buying by creating good content and information.

Well I hope this information is useful.


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Some good insights here, thank you for sharing.

I would surmise that Steems value behaves some what similarly to other safe haven assets. Much like how financial uncertainty in macro economy leads to rushes in things like Gold in the past (and Bitcoin now), any kind of relative negative performance of social media sites and their ability to build a strong monetization system will send many of those content creators to Steemit.

Of course a lot of these systems are more interlinked than we might think, and of course, it is also a matter of crypto becoming more mainstream helping the push. We've already seen some real money come into crypto recently, and I suspect that it is still very early days in the long run both for crypto and steemit!
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