How to earn steem for free using EOBOT

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Hello, have a good day, this time I want to share this information on how to generate steem through EOBOT.


How do I get more steem power?
With the STEEM tokens in your wallet, click "Turn on" to turn them into STEEM Power. If you have Steem Dollars, you can convert them to STEEM from your wallet, and then turn on STEEM.

If you do not have STEEM or Steem Dollars in your wallet, you can buy them using bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) or BitShares (BTS) chips. You can buy BTC in various exchanges, such as or
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If we realize we need BTC, ether (ETH) or BitShares (BTS), then the BTS is the one that we must undermine and get in EOBOT there are ways to win steem in EOBOT and the ideal is to win in steemit without need of investment.

First we create an account in EOBOT

It is very easy to enter EOBOT, we are going to Sign Up and we register ourselves with our name, then our surnames and contraceña and verify that we are not robot and ready that's it.

Finally we check our mail about Eobot.

Once inside we see many criptomonedas, but the ones that must concern us of mining would be the BTS, Cloud Mining, LTC.

You can also go to faucet and there you can put the code that asks you and ask for your reward, that can be done only every 24 hours, and you can charge it in the criptomoneda you want but the best thing to start is to grow our mining power that Is Cloud Mining to be able to mine faster.

Now inside the faucet we write the code and ready we receive the reward every 24 hours.

Well the best thing to start is to start mining BTS and also increase our mining power so to have faster what would become the steem very soon I will be teaching as I was with EOBOT.

That is all I hope this little information serves them and they can start mining in Eobot to get steem for free without investing anything.


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