Ten of the Best Companies for Working From Home (P 3)

2년 전


  1. Work solutions

What they do: "Working Solutions is a distinguished leader in contact centre services on demand, delivering resources that are developing and changing business."

Open distant business: sales of cards and sales, sales and customer service

What Employees Say: "One of the advantages of workflow solutions is to come home from work and create your schedule. There are great incentives and management teams that always help you succeed." - A Current Entrepreneur

  1. Kelly Services

What they are doing: "As a global leader in workforce solutions, Kelly offers a wide range of outsourcing and consulting services as well as temporary, temporary and direct employment.

Open Remote Jobs: Attorney, SAS Programmer, EDI Consultant, Life Insurance Provider, Clinical Center Leader, Recruiter, etc.

What Employees Say: "Business is very diverse, help is always available, easy to promote, pay is good, work from home." - Current employee

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