- the easiest way to get a list of Steemit API nodes based on geolocation

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If you are a developer and you want to connect to Steemit API, you need to know the location of the full node servers. The full node is a gateway between your application and Steemit blockchain ;-). Of course you can Google for the hostnames, but probably some of them will be decommisioned already or far far away from you, what can cause additional latency and impact performance.

The major reasons I built were,

  • always connect to the nearest server (use geolocation)
  • have a quick access to the list of active nodes with details like TCP ports or support for SSL (just run curl in your console)


# how to use it?

Run curl in your terminal, that's all ;-) or open it in your browser. :)

# what was changed?

Since my last post I made key changes in the script, but the most important is monitoring feature. Every 2 minutes all nodes are checked by simple API call:

{id": 21, "params": [], "method": "get_config"}

based on the result tool decides if the node is up or down, I also improved the script output and now data is presented in ascii tables with port numbers, and ssl support.

I still have few more ideas to implement in, stay tuned! ;-)

witness vote ;-)

If you like my work (thank you), you can vote for me as witness,


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Nice job @jamzed,

What does since means?
I can not see all the nodes, why only seven?


SINCE shows the time when the last STATUS change occured (from UP to DOWN or DOWN to UP).


Hey, Thank you for sweet words :)

Those are the public nodes with all APIs enabled and unfortunatelly there is no many servers with that kind of access publicly accessible... I know only about the servers maintained by @gtg, @followbtcnews, @privex, @steemit, @netuoso, @themarkymark, @pharesim.

If you know any other please let me know the hostname/IP and I will add it ;-)


You probably didn't read my post about the nodes;)
No worries, nobody did anyway... lol

nodes list

This is really a useful project. I'll use it when i want to know if something is up.

Thank you!:)


Hey, thank you for letting me know, reading it now ;-)


ah, and since my post, there is another one: (JSON RPC)

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awesome work, look at that super sexy grid layout in the command line. love it man, nice work! :)