Lost a friend, Gained security

5년 전

Had a pretty crazy weekend. Invited a bunch of friends over to my place and decided to go tubing. As I was blowing up the tubes outside, I left my girlfriend in charge of listening to the instructions. She walks out and lets me know the exit off the river is the third bridge on the right. Awesome! We enjoy the river, have a few beers and many laughs. My girlfriend and I seperate from the pack of friends to be on our own and relax. (Had one "friend" in the pack that was causing much trouble this week) Anyways, we are waiting about 20 minutes from the bridge for our friends and still they have not shown up. We decided it will be getting dark soon, so we headed back on the river.

As me and my girlfriend were talking, I saw in the distance some people in tubes dropping off what looked like the face of the earth. Again, I see a little girl in a tube drop off. It happened to be water fall! We were in a double tube so I said we needed to get sideways instead of facing the waterfall head on. As I put my foot down to start turning the tube longways down the river, my girlfriend lost her balance and fell off! She was rushing in the current towards the water fall and at the last second as half her body was hanging off, I grabbed her arm. Unfortunately, due to the current at that spot, her head was being buried under water and she couldn't lift it. Me knowing her biggest fear is this very situation, did what I had to do and let her go. I saw her make her way down the rapids until she lifted her head out of the water and waved her trembling hand.

I'm glad she made it safely. Skip a bit and I made it down as well. Next thing I remember was all my credit cards, DL, and car keys were in a bag in my girlfriends cleavage. Weird spot to put it I know but we thought it was a good spot at the time. (and your prob wondering why bring that but they had little stops along the way on the river for food, either way i learned my lesson not to bring anything next time) Again, due to the current, it was swept off into the watery depths of hell and will probably be found by someone fishing years down the line. We make it finally to the river exit to find out that they had almost called the sheriff to look for us because unbenownst to me the exit was really second bridge on the left. My girlfriend was told by a river guy that it was 3rd on the right but he was misinformed. They refunded us the money for the river which was nice.

We get back to the parking lot and instead of our "friend" asking if we were alright, he asks us where the hell we have been and that he was hungry. This infuriated me because he had been causing trouble all weekend. Started a fist fight at walmart (endangering the girls and my girlfriend), complained at every restaurant, disrespected my home (eating with out a plate on my couch), and showing up uninvited. So he was already off on the wrong foot when the weekend started. I took my mind off him in the parking lot and dialed up a locksmith and got that all taken care of. We finally got out of there around 1 am and made it home. Right when we got there I kicked my so called friend out of my house. Probably will not see him again and I'm fine with that.

Brightside of all this and the security aspect is that I have gotten all brand new credit cards and debit cards (security! lol) and also me and my girlfriend got much closer this weekend! Which I love, because she is the one for sure! Check mark for security again!

love security

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Thanks for sharing, I lost a sister almost a decade ago. It was one of the most difficult things watching my mom and step dad grieve...

Great work keep it coming, and please verify your account with a pic if you havent already. It will help you get that extra edge needed.

I like your writing style :) Keep on sharing! You had me fully immersed in the situation and drawn all the way in waiting for the next moment. I give thanks to you for sharing!