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I have a steem delegation that expired today. I had fun playing with the 5k steem power for the past 3 months. I sure wish I could have taken that and powered up all the 5k steem to make it a non delegated SP but ya know. The 5k steem sure earned me a lot of steem and steem power, also SBD too. I sure wish that steem could stay at $0.40 - $0.60 for as long as I can afford to buy steem each week and take it up to 10k SP..... And beyond. I sure believe that this wonderful, and awesome Steemit platform can make us average guys live the lives we always wanted. What do y'all Steemians have to say. Have a wonderful and joyous weekend, and best wishes too! ๐Ÿ˜œ20190208_062555.jpg

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Thats good idea to delegate but i need to know something about it. If i want delegate about 5000 sp that will cost about 250$. But what will happen after 90 days when delegate end? I will lose my own money 250$?

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