STEEMIT - [SEARCH TREND REPORT JANUARY 2nd, 2018] - Goodbye Centralized Social Media Platforms!!

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STEEMIT - [SEARCH TREND REPORT JANUARY 2nd, 2018] - Goodbye Centralized Social Media Platforms!!

The number of people that know about and use cryptos increase every day, naturally, the demand will make them more and more valuable! That's why it is important to keep track of the public's awareness on the subject!



The figure below shows how popular the following words are on Google's search engine over the past year:

Blue: Steemit

The numbers represent the amount of search interest in the subject relative to the highest point on the chart for over the span of a year.
A value of 100 is the peak of search popularity (100%) and a value of 50 means that it is half as popular (50%). Similarly, a value of 0 means it was less than 1% as popular as the peak.


The chart continues to show a significant upward trend in Google's search!
If you have been following my posts, you will know that we have been expecting this trend for a long time now! Search trend correlates significantly to the price of Steem because it means that the platform is gaining more exposure, more users and therefore more demand for the Steem currency! This ultimately correlates with the increase of Steem price! which is most important for us whom are invested in this decentralised platform.

This is a graph of Steem's value, as you can see it directly correlates with the amount of interest the platform is getting from search engines!


Steem is still a social media platform in it's infancy, all of you reading my post are still considered early adopters! We will surely see significant growth and changes in the near future especially with the realease of Smart Media Tokens. Stay tuned Steemians! We will crush traditional centralized social media platforms in no time!

Thank you guys once again for reading my post!!
Please upvote, resteem and follow me :) @jefft

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steemit is worth even more then it is now, and I am sure it will reach its value :)


I completely agree with you :D

Steemit finally getting the respect it deserves. The charts are looking good.


Yess 2018 could really be the year for Steem! Thanks for your continuous support :)

This is why the decentralized is the future everyone is coming into it :)


haha glad you agree otherwise we have to fight lol

thank you @jefft for information!!!!!!


Your welcome!

In near future Crypto will take over many things !
and Steemit is definitely gonna be a boom in the future ,liked the rise of Steem as well !


Yess, Steemit definately has a bright future!

haha i forgot to check the seo part of it wow you did it for all of us thanks for sharing and as usual it is brilliant


Anytime :)

Very interesting , im so currious to see what it would be like two years from now .


At the rate Steemit is increasing in userbase it will be massive in 2 years!

Interessing post thank you for sharing


No problem my friend!

great information @jefft
bitcoin is the future of other currencys.

The value of Steem has doubled in the past 7 days.


Steem has been absolutely killing it!


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finally off to the mainstream steem is flowing


hell yeah!

I use steem more than fb , twitter . 2018 will be the year for Steem . Let's hope Steem reaches top 10 in 2018 .


I hope so! Steem's future is looking bright, it could really happen :)

well news in steemit i like it keep it up


Thank you!


welcome jefft

Wow the chart saying the story great for steemit social media platforms got some competition ahead and this time its big


Haha yeah, not just some competition. THE competition! ;)


facebook be like hahah

it's helpful, thanks for sharing..


No problemo friend :)

I'm mining with:
-Hashflare (cloud mining bitcoin) (i prefer it )
-Genesis Mining (3% promo with this link)
and trading on Binance for altcoin ! :p
made a lot this year :3


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Wow...what a concept..that was awesome.
First to last...i have read your post..
thanks for sharing....

wow thats a great information...
have a good day ...
thanks for sharing...

thats a great info...
i like it...
thanks for sharing...