My Steemit Journey:- One Month Experience

3년 전

HI GUYS! Today In this post I am sharing my one month experience on steemit... It will help you on steemit.

One day I was searching for earning money on YouTube. The list of videos is coming. In one of the thumbnails of those videos, I have seen the steemit. It is said in the video that If anyone writes a post on steemit and get upvotes then He will earn money... After that video, I start researching on steemit... Searched for Steemit up to a week. 

On 24/June/2018 I start posting articles on Steemit. 

I write my first article 

1. Crypto ban in India or not? 

In this post I share my feelings why crypto ban in India or not. I get 28 upvotes and 17 comments on this post with earning $8.08 and I get $6.08. 

2. Master Key of success in crypto trading!!! What is it?

In this post I share what is the importance of technical analysis in trading. I receive 345 upvotes and 35 comments. This post earn $22.22 and I receive $16.83.

3. Alibaba Offshoot Trials First Blockchain Remittance to Philippines, Plans Global Expansion

This post contain Copyright material so this post receive $0.00 but this post receive 504 upvotes and 11 comments.

4. Hurrey!! Soon Bitcoin Goes Higher......


5. Top 5 Trustable Coins in CRYPTO WORLD... Will Go High...

6.  Facebook new policy for crypto ads. It allow but...

7.  If Bitcoin will be legal in all over the World ... What will happen???

8.  What is Bitmex exchange??? How to earn bitcoin from bitmex??? But not for beginners??? Why it is not safe for beginners???

9.  Tron (TRX) touching sky soon... It's time to Invest...

10. What is Skrill??? How to withdraw bitcoin in India... If it ban in India???

11. How to increase Steemit Reputation easily... paid method or unpaid method... upto (50) in just 1 day...

12. Increase Followers on Steemit... How it is posible...1000+ Followers = 1Day

13. Get Millionaire .......soon!!!!! who would like to ???

14. How my reputation 56 just in 1 week... How you do it???

15. What is D.Tube??? It's time to earn with D.Tube...

16. Target1000... Secret way to earn $1000 on each post...

17. Great NEW'S ....Bitcoin breakdown the resistance level of $6,300....

18. LET!!! Analysis our coin on .....''Tradingview''

19. Warning !!!!......We safe from them.

20. WANNA!!....RICH ......ITS A TIME TO BE RICH$$$$$

21. Tips & Tricks.....Journey of reputation (25 to 60) ....NOW YOUR TURN!!!

22. New method of earn money online at home... It is easy and simple...$1000 per hour

23. Let's... Bring your post under Top 5 Trending Posts...

24. [ 5 BTC Giveaway] I started resteeming... How can you resteem your post on my account???

25. Millionaires secret trick: What method they use to become a millionaire!!!

26. Why not post Copyright Content on steemit? Suggestion for new users...

27. Full detail about steemit... What to do & What not to do???


Now tell me which topic you want in next post... Comment now 

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2.  Millionaires secret trick: What method they use to become a millionaire!!!

3.  Tips & Tricks.....Journey of reputation (25 to 60) ....NOW YOUR TURN!!!  

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 Happy good day... Keep learning Keep earning...

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Congrats sir please also guide me as I am Beginer I already joint in your telegram chenal


Tell me your username for message on telegram


My user name in steemit is jsdjack and on telegram is Jyotirdhar Dholakia


I will message you soon.


Nice journey man good luck👍👍👍

But i think think you also should share on lumpsum how much you have invested on steemit and how much you gain from steemit in this one month of your journey on steemit to encourse peoples like us on steemit...

Have a nice day...


I invest $700 and I gain $950


Oh great

$250 a month is not at all a bad income even in the initial stage...

I am unable to invest, so my journey is too much longer then you👍👍👍


I hope soon you also earn more then $250



@jkgautam75 congrats on completing one month. i am sure you will achieve greater heights of success here.


Thanks for congrates

Congratulations brother for completing 1 month on Steemit. I Also completed my 1 month journey.

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Tell me about your journey... 1 month


I'm writing blog on my experience. It will be punished within few hours.. and I will share with you..

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my blog is published plz read and support...


Ok I read it and also leave a comment

Nicely presented. Up vote and follow done. Keep it up.


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A big Congratulation to you, from all your activities here it's well deserved, so it's only way Up from here, keep up the great work you are doing, I am honored for having been a follower for weeks now, STEEM ON!

Happy 1 month! How about writing about a true value proposition for STEEM?

You have done great in just one month. I left - despondent - and now I am back but it is not so great despite what I consider to be quality post. I do not want to resort ot bot - it would be nicer if I get comments and upvotes for real appreciation.

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Im here to follow and upvote and message!! Want to learn from you! Thank you! Please please

Keep going bro. And keep helping each other to be successful like you.
Thank you in advance.

@jkgautam please advice to earn more money from crypto we have to invest some amount on bots which can help us for upvote but can earn more from them what we invest on bots?


Join our telegram community and send your username of the telegram. Community link is available in my profile.

Oh please I need tutorials oo


Wait for it