Target1000... Secret way to earn $1000 on each post...

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Hello, Guy's!

One man can't dig a whole hill, but a team can do it.

The means reflected by this proverb is "If we all want to earn thousands of Dollar on each post. For that, we have to work together.

I know what questions rises in your wind. Is it,

How could we work together? & How we will earn thousands of Dollar on each post?


But If you want to earn thousands of dollars on steemit, the only way is that we must to work together. It's an easy and most valuable task.

For that we just have to help each other in their earning by Upvoting, Resteeming & Following each other. If we all are honest to each other. I promise, we will all earn $1000 per post.

But Question is remain a question, How will we do that?

We will do this in following steps:-

Step 1:- At First, We must have to make own community/group/team. Major social media platform like Telegram,, Youtube & Facebook

Step 2:- We must have to join this community by joining on Telegram, Facebook & Following on & Youtube

Profit of Step 2:-

1. No need to promote our post.

2. Get easily upvotes.

3. Free resteeming.

4. Get followers easily.

5. Get Tips & Tricks to increase earning.

Step 3:- We must be honest to all members of our community.

Note:- If you will honest to each other then no one can stop to archive Target1000

Step 4:- We have to UPVOTE 10 different peoples on each day and leave a link & Tag of our community on their comment box.

Profit of Step 4:-

If the number of member increase in our community then the number of UPVOTE increase automatically on each post.

A major question came into your mind.

"How can we identify our community & our members?"

For that we have a special energetic tag @target1000 it not just a tag it's an Energy that helps you to earn $1000 on each post.

Join Now:-Telegram &

Important Warnings

1. If anyone loses his/her honesty. Then he/her will awarded with a kick out from community & Spammed by high reputation members.

2. You had to do minimum 10 Upvotes & 5 Resteem per day & Comment with your telegram channel link & #Target1000

Exclusive Giveaway

Every Month we giveaway some SBD in our Community. To win this you have to work as given above...

If you like this post. then,

 Happy Good Day.... Share Knowledge Get Knowledge....

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please join this group
you get big support from us

Hey there. Just my opinion, but I don't think it will work like that. Even the top contributors are not even making 1000$ per post without the help of using bots. Furthermore I also think that only quality posts should earn that amount of money. 1000$ per post therefore looks too much for me. Don't take it personal, it is just my own opinion on your idea. Kind regards :)


if we help each other by UPVOTING & RESTEEMING their post then we don't need to use bot to promote our post .


Hi @jkgautam75

Im afraid that I agree 100% with bumshak

It is literally not possible to make even 100$ without bots or whales supporting you.


Dear @jkgautam75, i want to know one thing that, can you help the all people or help those who have high reputation and steem power ? I am always following you and i have resteem your post also but your does not look at me because i am a new one.
This is my feeling which i share with your don't feel personally bro. I respect you but your saying and doing is different thats why i have write this.
Be always be helpful to all without discrimination .


@ jkgautam75
i agree too,sir. but then why you are not upvoting our community members!


i agree with you but there should be good topic to get it rank.... this should be must i think this is written simple and well understandable

Hello @jkgautam75. While it would be nice to earn $1000 per post there are certain things that makes it unrealistic with this approach .
1.The post submitted through your tag must be agreeable to the community because if by some miracle a post considered ''Shitty'' by the community does go into trending, it will most certainly be flagged to zero by berniesanders and the gang as the security around the rewardpool is tight.
2.Investing in steempower increases the value of your upvote the more steem goes up in price.It also shows you believe in the steem platform.
3.Reputable power authors posts rarely breach the $1000 mark .

Since you are a new User.I would advise that you don't go too fast too soon as you are bound to crash and burn. Try learning what the platform is all about and build from there.Cheers

To be honest I'm upvote and commenting of others post but nothing get back as reward.
What to do??

And I'm looking here on Steemit that bots voting is only way to increase earning, without Bots power.
No one can't earn even $100 with hundreds of upvotes and comments.
While Bots Power full you buckets with only few upvotes and comments

So I think sooner or later every one have to pay to Bots if he/she is serious about this platform..


You are absolutely correct.. 👍


do you think...
one can make full time work as a carrier on steemit..
if yes then what is the basic formalities for a beginner..
hope you reply...

even such a magical impressive, keep it up


If you want to increase your earning up to $1000 then join our community


please join this group
you get big support from us

Im doing the same way but why its not working to me. I joined many communities and group but the result doesn't change.


Join my community. I promise you will earn $1000 each post

great post...valuable insights..i'm also mgsc member.


I have already liked and upvoted your earlier articles. Same done today and I am the 3rs one to join your telegram group. Hoping will grow as your targets beat of luck.

The Idea sound nice but also dangerous. Because the like are just for good posts and not for bad.
But when I like randomly posts from the community the bad also get a like.
And maybe some of the community get a ton of upvotes other get nothing because nobody see them in the big community.

And for you goal you need a really big community.
Or only whales and dolphins

So impressive ..
Can i join ur comunity sir??
Upvote me

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I will join it follow ne back

@jkgautam75 i am glad to join thia great community of target1000

You are doing a great job sir...

It sounds interesting, I guess.

Nice, forward thinking idea


Resteem this post

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Absolutely right.

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i am with you ,,
and i have also joined your telegram channel ...

Hello! Is hard to do that


yes sir you are right we work together
but some people have problem
if you are not upword my post
me also not upword your post

Nice initiative. I love community activity and thats why i keep doing everything to promote group effort. It pays.

I join telegraph please start


what start

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Great idea to grow
It help all and achieve the target 1000 /post
Please all be honest
Thank you

yes bro i agree with your blog ...keep supporting us , we are such a lucky to be in this good community .

And why you din't get even $100 on this post?😁😁


As you see this post upload 1 hour ago and wait some time we will easily earn more than $100 on this post.

I don't think that this system can actually lead to a group of people earning 1000$ on each post every day unless a ridicutarded amount of steem power among those is alrready in place.

It would have also been a bit more convincing if this post had a 1k payout pending itself already, but maybe that will still come!

I do hope for you that it will!

@jkgautam, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance!

Such a grate idea.

Sure I will follow u.

  ·  4년 전

This is utter bullshit and I've flagged this and all your comments promoting the "community".

Nobody will earn that kind of money with the advise given on this post. You all should understand that.

Don't get fooled and get disappointed. The big votes on this are bought votes and he's not having ways to earn money.

Keep blogging!!! Nice post !!

if we help each other by UPVOTING & RESTEEMING their post then we don't need to use bot to promote our post .

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@jkgautam75 such a great post.. need to work on it for getting $1000 from a single post!

I have upvote on your post please doo the same for me

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Thanks bro for sharing this information with us.

Hello sir,how are you??Thank you so much sir for sharing this special post.You told absolutely true words that like "The only one person can achieve only his small goal in short- term but he can not achieve his big goal in the absence of his team." So i like most these words: "Together we create definetely something very big." At last again thank you very much sir.Keep it up sir..

Is it possible to earn that much without using bot?? I don't think so you have to invest in steem for better earnings@jkgautam75

i want to work too, as m new to steemit

Thank for your information but Saying and doing is different thing bro. Do from first, If you say these then why are you not upvote and gave advice comment in my post. I have follow you, upvote in your all post and comment in your almost post . But doesnot done.
Anyway thank for sharing information. @jkgautam75

Congratulations @jkgautam75!
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Great idea like it and upvoted!
upvote me back thanks!!

It is Interesting news, I want to earn 1000 steemit $