Today is My 1 Year Anniversary on Steemit!

2년 전

Today is My 1 Year Anniversary on Steemit! I am so happy and grateful to have found this amazing community and I look forward to sharing more about this milestone on Friday! I have a special video come out so make sure to stay tuned and follow me @joeparys for more!

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Congrats on the success!Hope to see you having the second anniversary soon!

It sounds very nice...
Congratulations & Very Happy first anniversary on steemit!💐💐

I am so glad to see your excitement..!
I wish you all the success on this wonderful platform.

Being a senior steemit fellow steemian...what is your suggestion for new commers on this platform?

What I felt is this platform gives success only to those candidates who do investment on this platform!! What is your opinion @joeparys??


This is a great question! I will answer this in my Steemit weekly show 😎


The first episode will be out in a week!


Thank you very much Mr. @joeparys
We are so lucky that you have chosen our question to answer in your weekly steemit show.😊😊


99% of people on here who dont invest wont make a fortune, but you can make a few extra dollars while meeting some really nice and interesting people.

Best thing to do is engage with others content, get to know people and creat engaging content yourself!


Thank you very much @conradt for giving your fair well as good suggestions about steemit platform!😊


@cryptomengaluru Actually You stollen the my questions dude. Even as a new steemian I am curious to know the secret of success on steemit. A successfull steemian like Joe is the right man to guide us. I hope Joe will share the secret recipe of the success on here @joeparys


Thanks Mr. @sultan2020😊

I hope now you might be happy because Mr. @joeparys has taken a consideration of our query..


Congrats! I have been on Steemit since 2016 but I didn't get the concept well. I am back now and I am getting it better now.

Congratulations @joeparys

I would like to say congrats for this milestone. I hope we will alot learn from you here on Steemit.
You are the one of the luckiest guy who joined such platform earlier of the starting.
Keep sharing your knowledge with us.

@joeparys sir i wish u to achieve all ur goals on steemit as well ur life goals 😘😘😘😎

@joeparys Congrats for your success


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Happy Anniversary Boss ☺️

Happy celebration
#keep steeming

@joeparys CongratZ Man💐🎊🎉.. many more to come! Wishing you a wonderful day ahead!

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Congratulations sir..

Congrats my friend I can’t wait till I get to my one year milestone! You really do deserve every bit of success that you have had and I try to do my best to follow your example in my own style. Thank you for everything, your free beginners guide to posting on Steemit really helped me out.

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Awesome bro excited to see you again in Toronto!


Congrats on your achievement. Keep on Steeming.

Happy birthday mate and good luck with your future goals.

Congratulations buddy, may you get more and more success.

In one year you have achieved very high rank on steemit. its really a big achievment . Joe I am planning to quit my full time job and give my whole time to steemit and parallel planning to start youtube channel as well. Do you think this will be a right decision? @joeparys

sir, i follwed you , and congratulations for your 1 Year Anniversary on Steemit. & also best wishes for every next successful years.


Thank you very much @nclara.

Very congratulations...keep going

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Congratulations and happy steeming! 😊

Wish you a very happy anniversary Mr. @joeparys. Don't get stressed, stay blessed.
Thank you :-)

Happy anniversary dear @Joeparys i wish you more success and luck

Happy happy birthday my dear!


Congratulations bro.

Congratulations man. Keep up the good work. You work hard and I can see you try. I'm glad that you care about your content and the classes you put out.

congrats on your annniversary and thanks for all your steemit information helps me so much


I am glad this is useful for you. Thank you for your feedback @worldtraveller32.

Congrats! Upvoted to help you on your journey!

happy steem birthday.

Congrats @joeparys, I was very happy with your Steemit 2.0 course I purchased on Udemy. Didn't put it down from start to finish and now I feel like I have a good footing to get to know people on here, create some solid relationships and build some great content to share for years to come as crypto grows.

I'll be sure to check some of your video creation courses out as i've shelved my Amazon associate course for too long now! Brush up on the technical bits and get it out there.

See you around,
Mitchell French

@joeparys Congratulations !!

Congratuations for your 1 year here. I just joined yesterday and while waiting I learned about steemit through your youtube. You've been a great help and a great source of knowledge for me as a beginner steemian. I saved a few of your videos and will go back and watch them again soon. Thank you for sharing your experiences with others, so we too may know of this amazing site and help become great steemians.

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i support steemit
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