Disinterested action / my little contribution # 7

4년 전

  I want to share these words of Anthony de Mello.  

  Disinterested action  

  "What depresses me most is the absolute vulgarity of my existence. Never in my life have I done anything so important as to deserve the attention of the world."

 "You are wrong if you think that it is the attention of the world that makes an action important," said the Master. There was a long pause.

 "Well, but I have not done anything that has influenced anyone, either for good or for bad ..." "You are wrong if you think that it is influencing others that makes an action important," the Master said again.

 "But, then, what is it that makes an action important?" "Performing it by itself and putting in it all one's own being. Then it turns out to be a disinterested action, similar to the activity of God.".  

  Anthony de Mello. "One minute for the absurd." Salt Terrae.  

  Continuing with my support for the steemians. I am going to vote with the 30% of Steem Power to the first 5 users who comment on this publication leaving the link of their post to be voted. My contribution will not be much, but I will help with something in its publication, I'm just a person who believes that unity is strength, we have to support each other.  

  Note: I will only vote for the first 5 users who post the link of their post, I also hope you support me with your vote, thanks for taking the time to read this post. 

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It's good you're supporting other blogs, that get's my upvote.


This is quite motivating, most people need to be more positive about their lives, not really concerning themselves with opinions of others about how their life is being lived.

Helping someone without any selfishness This is a feeling of pleasant bliss.


thanks for share your good thought :)


Thanks :)