Love between birds

4년 전

  The domesticated bird lived in the cage and the free bird in the forest. But his destiny was to meet, and the moment had arrived. The free bird sang: "Let's fly to the forest." The captive bird said in a low voice: "Come here, we both live in the cage." The free bird said: "Between the bars, the wings can not be opened". - Oh, said the captive bird, will I know how to pose in the sky? The free bird sang: "My love, pía songs of the field". The captive bird said: "Be by my side, I will teach you the song of the wise." The free bird sang: "No, no, nobody can teach the songs". The captive bird said: "Oh, I do not know the songs of the field." Their love is an infinite longing, but they can not fly wing with wing. They look at each other and look at each other through the irons of the cage, but their desire is in vain. And they flap nostalgically and sing: "Come closer, come closer." The free bird screams: "I can not! I can not! How scary your cage gives me!" The captive bird sings softly: "Oh, I can not, my wings are dead!".

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OOOO....being a captive makes one limited...nice post...

The wings are dead 😔 because it was unused.

Great story - where do you get your inspiration from? Who are your influences?