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  One day Jupiter came down to earth, summoned all the animals, including man, and told them:

 - I want you to live in harmony and cheerful. So, if someone has a complaint, tell them without fear and then I will put the remedy.

 - Nobody exposed anything. Jupiter then addressed the monkey

 - What? You are happy?

 - Sure, - replied the monkey - I have four legs that are a treasure and I have a guy that everyone envies me. I have no reason to envy Nobody ... Compared to the bear, so ugly, I'm a marvel. He will have something to complain about. The other animals thought like the monkey and waited for the bear's complaint. There was no such complaint. On the contrary, in a tone of pride he said:

 - I see myself strong, well proportioned, with a certain stately air. Compared with the elephant, that is a monster, a mass of flesh that seems to fall apart, I am a charm. I do not complain about anything. The elephant took the floor and said:

 - Ah, well, I do not complain about anything, I feel strong, solid, like a king with a lot of power. Much worse is the whale that It looks like a shapeless mass. The whale did not complain; it looked better than giraffe, lanky and ungainly. The giraffe felt slender, thin, stately, not like the ant, insignificant and crawling. The ant looked like a queen compared to the mosquito. Y the mosquito was agile, it defended itself very well ... So all until the man arrived. He entertained himself in telling all his qualities and charms. Then he went on talking about the faults of the others. And he laughed at them. Jupiter, who had been silent, addressed everyone again and said: Well, I see that each carries two bags: in the back you put your faults and in front of the faults of others. Alfonso Francia. "Educate with fables".

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