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  Once upon a time there was a group of people. They were invited to a banquet in a medieval castle. It was a splendid party. The best delicacies The most expensive wines. There was no lack of the orchestra. The guests had a good appetite. And once they were satisfied, instead of going home, they continued to taste food.   

  They were so voracious that the food was over. The owner of the house sent his servants, supported by the security guards, to look for more food among the poor peasants of the area. Gas was also becoming scarce, and the cooks ordered some servants to cut wood from the columns and the roof to make fire and continue cooking. After a long time the columns gave way and cracks appeared in the ceiling. But the servants and the diners were so absorbed in theirs that they did not realize the consequences of their actions.  

  Mission Open, nº 8 of October of 1996  

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Sadly that is how people eat up their future by spending all of their income all at once, accruing debts here and there for their children and children's children.

There was no lack of the orchestra

I don't understand what it coveys according to how it was used in the contest. Could you please explain to me.


a simple explanation is the excess, people always want more and more and never see the consequences of their actions

Woow i would definately want to be part of this banquet. Nice post @jonathanxvi i was inspired and would b looking forward to a banquet of mine