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  In a flower shop there is a bag of seeds. While they wait for someone to buy them, they talk to each other. One of the seeds would like to be bought by a farmer and, after being planted, the wind would rip it off and so be able to travel around the world. Another would like to be planted in a garden for children to play among the flowers. A third would like to be in a pot, on the balcony of a grandmother to cheer her up. The fourth says that she prefers to stay inside the bag and thus not suffer discomfort. The last to speak, finally, wants to be planted and give as a result many flowers that in turn produce new seeds.  

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yes! steemit forever!

I prefer the last seed to speak. He is the most important amongst them to me, because anyone that gives will sure earn the reward of satisfaction from the smile of the person he has helped.

Such a wonderful write up from you. please keep it up.