Hots Or Shots Episode 7!! With guest @sevinwilson "Plus 2017 Silver Steem Round Giveaway!"

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Welcome Back To Another Episode Of
Hots Or Shots!

I'm running a little late getting this up, so let's get right to it.

This week's guest is

Sevin was a great guy to hang out with and I highly recommend you check out his profile .
It was a real honor spending time with him and his family.
It's an absolute coincidence that a man named Sevin ended up being the 7th episode.
I hope you enjoy!

"Let's Get Sauced"

This week we are giving away a 2017 Silver Steem Round!

@sevinwilson and I have selected 3 questions from this week's episode.

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?
2.What is the most routine thing you do?
3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

To enter, you must Resteem this post and answer the questions in the comments below.
We will select our favorite at the end of the week!

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dooda moon. we all gonna be rich boyz!


Wow I guess it's amazing...
I got to follow that link to see how impressive It will be..


Upvoted! 100% instead of 20% Amazing huh? ((Rolls eyes))
Resteemed because: 1 amazing and 2 because I am entering for that amazing Silver round which would look totally amazing as a brooch pin
on my chest!

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?
*This is a real easy question for me! The first and only thing that pops up in my mind that I would love to outlaw would be socks in sandals! When I see it, my head starts to spin, and I want to hammer my fist against the person who is doing it! YOU CAN"T wear socks in sandals! They are open shoes for a reason! In saying this, I think we should outlaw sandals as a whole! Even writing these words down makes my blood boil! I don't understand it! Why would you even try...! Please, people, let's make Snekky happy and stop wearing your bloody socks in your sandals! Pretty please!! Thank you!

2.What is the most routine thing you do?
*The most routine thing I do is waking up every single morning and nag, complain, scream that I don't want to wake up until I had my first coffee. I walk to my machine with my eyes closed and hardly even notice that I am brewing the life elixir until I taste the first sip and life becomes beautiful again! Coffee is life, coffee is my fuel, and there is no way in hell that I would be able to wake up without this amazing dark and steaming cup of happiness.

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?
*I will never get into a rollercoaster again! NOPE, NEIN NEVERS AGAIN! Why.... Why do people want me to get into them? I know why.. They love hearing me scream that I am going to die and almost puke my brain out!
*I refuse to ever put a Brussels sprout into my mouth again! TORTURE! WTF is that little green ball that makes me think I am eating leprechaun stuff and tastes like a one-way ticket to never have any tastebuds left! Some people try to hide them in my food, sliced up or covered in a sauce but they fail! I sniff them out everywhere like a bloodhound on a hunt!
*I never want to help someone out in a book store to find books about spiders and end up holding this person SUPER HUGE, SCARY, HAIRY, IDIOTIC, JUST BOUGHT IN THE ANIMAL STORE, FREAKING, FUCKING WOLFF SPIDER! I mean it! I never want to do that again! This person walked into the store I was working and he wanted my help! I found him the book he wanted to have and right before he was going to pay and leave he decided to thank me by pulling this HUGE, and I mean HUGE spider in a little plastic box from his bag and push it into my hand. The darn spider must have felt that I was about to either pee in my pants, shit in my pants or die a most horrible dead right in the middle of the store, so he decided to start jumping in his little plastic thing against my hand. FUCK OFF!!!! I stood there, trying not to look like a complete and total, losing it all and letting all body juices flow statue and said: "wow, nice spider!" JUST NO! He paid, I threw the spider back at him and ran towards the bathroom! Never again, just go away, leave me alone!! GO!


Great entry!


great man


People wearing socks with sandals drives me nuts too! Here in Florida if you see people wearing socks with sandals you know they are from up north. Definitely not a Floridian.


Yup that socks in the sandals never made any sense unless you have those creature toes lol


nice profile picture....

Nice .. Really, this is inspiring
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

1. If I could out one thing, it would be vegans. [stick some stake in your mouth and feel the beefiness. Who doesn't love a good meat] LOL. Hope i dont get blasted for this.

2. Oh! I have a very silly routine of staying awake till 3am in the morning before taking my night rest. People think its funny but I'm like a darky-vibe kinda person. I prefer my evenings to my mornings. I feel alive in the evening than compared to my mornings.

3. Three things I never wanna do

• walk up to a girl in a bar and offer her a drink. Its a bad idea (don't do it)

• compliment a lady friend on Valentine's Day... .... (I, myself and my wallet.... Don't come and include yourself)

• and most importantly, never shave your beards on winter... 😁

Thanks @jonny-clearwater for this exciting contest. Hope to win the silver steem. I can taste it already. Hippeeyayah. 🤣🍔


Quite funny 😊. Your habits might be your strong suit. But i gat my hands on the price

nice1 @jonny-clearwater !!! gettin better and better.
+Cool to see whales sponsoring actively good quality content.
Bravo! Bravo!

1.) if I could outlaw one thing it would be WAR.
2.) in real life: breathing, on the computer it is :cntrl E for the fileexplorer and cntrl z for undo
3.) a) taking all the drugs I am being offered in the backstage area at music festivals, b) eat at McDonalds c) falling in love with heroin addicted dramaQueen.


I just need a couple more whales...just a little bit more love.
The show is at least paying for itself finally....but i need to make some living wage too.
I'm getting there, but i need just a lil more...
Great answers btw...thanks for participating and as always thanks for your support


I think youre there bro 😇

My steemit account just pooped its pants ....

$$906 for this post . 😣

Sevin is DA MAN!


Thank you sir!! :D

I hope to see More Steem funded shows like this, we could have a lot of different Hots N Shots type shows in languages all over the world. Steem really opens the gates for so much media. Nice logo, the shot glass and peppers are very nice symbols for steem. It's hot and you'll get so rich you'll want to get drunk to celebrate!


That awesome logo was created by steemian @malicered
Thanks for you support!

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?

Someone that just wants a Yes or No answer. You would have to answer and then give a reason why. I hate when people tell you just say yes or no Because there is always a what if....... Always......unless you're dead and then you wouldn't have to answer a question anyway.

2.What is the most routine thing you do?

Roll my own cigarettes and smoke 'em because I can. You have to have one thing you shouldn't do or your just plain too good to be true.

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

  1. Get Married.
  2. That would be it, marriage, because everything else I learned too much from to not want to do it. As Johnny said I think everything you do makes you who you are and as this is my 2nd marriage.......I could just have lived with the lessons of the first one.
  3. See number 2.

Great answers.
Thanks for participating @snook
Tell your friends ;)


told both of them to watch your show and answer the questions :D
thanks! Keep up the fun shows to watch at 3 am !!


Oh I will be in Florida In May for 2 weeks LOLLL


Let's do an episode!!!


ReallY :D COOL


are you on discord?


I'm one of the friends, I gave my answers!

My god this show XP
First time I see it, actually. should probably have checked it out back when @malicered made your logo, but I completely forgot XD

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?

Hmmm... difficult one.
I have a tendency to very easily see both sides of an argument, so deciding on one thing that should be allowed no matter what, is difficult.

After all, all the easy targets for outlawing are already outlawed by default ;)

The only concrete thing that pops into my head is to "outlaw" the new law in America that gives the government free access to data from tech companies in the US, no matter where that data is stored, no matter whose data that is, and allows foreign police to request access to that same data without warrants or probable cause through executive agreements...

2.What is the most routine thing you do?

I tend to read everything.

walking somewhere, I'll be reading the signs, billboards, anything and everything with words on them...

When I have a long time to wait somewhere, I'll whip out my e-reader (jail-broken Kindle with custom screensavers) and read from a novel.

Most embarrassing (for others) is probably when a woman has one of those tight fitting t-shirts with something written across their breasts... ;)
(thank god nobody's made pairs of pants with writing on the behind... people would take me for a leech !)

... sometimes I wake from a dream and remember being in the middle of reading something !

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

  • Go to a bar while they're hosting one of those "identify the song" competitions... ugh, I dislike those.

  • Return to being my teenage "Oh God Another Human Being What Do I Do" anxious wimpy self that I was before I went to Australia

  • Smoke (anything).

I made a very brief experiment with pot while I was in Australia... Agh, it was foul.


Better late than never.
Hope you're enjoying the show so far.
I keep making small improvements as I go.
As for @malicered ....I went through a few designers, but he nailed it right from the get go.
Great entry btw!

@sevinwilson, tried to make ya look good since you're from Florida, lol. Stackin' here...send me one bud!


You did a wonderful job! Enter the contest! Maybe you’ll win! ;)

We need to meet up though! I don’t think we are too far away! I get down to Central FL every now and then!


I know, just breakin' balls. Will throw my hat in the ring for sure. You gonna come hunt snakes with papa-pepper too?


We can work something out!! 😜

I have a huge phobia of snakes, but I would totally be down!


And the guest commented on your comment ...
I think its a good sign 😂

  1. Stupidity.
  2. Steemit
  3. Have people steal from me, lose money, lose an election

If I win I can make a blog post about you and the contest and me winning. I don't like resteems.


I'm not a fan of them either to be honest....but I have a show to dem's the rules for this contest.
Hope you enjoyed Hots or Shots


Ok thanks.
If he upvotes I guess you could send him to my page but only if he upvotes. lol

Ooh, good questions! Alright:

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?

Sheesh, this is weirdly enough the hardest one. I think the answer really is'nothing.' I'm really of the camp that if people aren't harming anyone and don't make it my problem they can do what the hell they want. Probably I'd be more likely to make something else compulsory. Like: Each country has to have a functioning space program with colonization ideals and they have to protect x amount of the natural environment within their borders. No exceptions.

2.What is the most routine thing you do?

Brush my teeth. I'm really rather anal retentive about it. I can let pretty much anything else go (shoes, brushing my hair, eating anything that isn't made out of chocolate for days on end) but my teeth have to be sparkling at least twice a day. Even if I'm camping. Other than this I avoid routine like an unrepentant alcoholic avoids AA meetings.

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

.1) Have a 'real' job. And no, I'm not fabulously wealthy, but I'd really rather be a damn hobo than work in a corporate or retail environment. I'm lucky in that I work as a wandering biologist, so I'm either all in (living out in the middle of God's nowhere for months on end and brushing my teeth behind a bush), or basically on holiday. I think I'd probably just curl into a fetal position and die under my desk if someone put me in an office and told me I had to stay there 8 hours a day for the rest of my life...

.2) Get married. I was once, it didn't suit me...

.3) Sleep with a man. I considered myself bi for a long time which led to the poor choices that resulted in point 2 above... As it turned out I really wasn't. Go figure. Knowing that I can just sleep with ladies for the rest of my life has made me a lot calmer and far more cheerful 😂


Fantastic're in the running.
Thanks for supporting the show!


Awesome idea for a competition ;) That silver round is too pretty to pass up a shot at!

And another GOOD episode of Hots or Shots!!!
Just love the way getting to know Steemians!
Keep up the good work @Jonny-Clearwater 😉

Still on Youtube?? Dlive or Dtube there is no excuse


Of course there is.
Dtube...charges thanks
Dlive only has 2gb limit....won't work for this show
YouTube...absolutely free as well as it plays inside the post which neither of the above do


ohhh I see. :( Back to watching you guys :)


I do keep the episodes unlisted though, so it's only for steemians!

I quite enjoyed it. You too guys seems to have a lot of fun talking with each other :)


I've had a blast with every steemian I've met so far, they're all great people.


It definitely looks like it! Well, I don't know anyone in Florida, but if you ever find yourself in South Africa let me know ;)

Wassup @jonny-clearwater! My friend @snook pointed me to your show and post. And here are my answers to the questions.

If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?

Central Banks! So many problems are created by the supply and demand for the fiction that is called money. Fractional reserve banking is a fraud, all the Wall Street/Bankster types can fuck off. I am all for crypto and fair trade between people without having middle men screwing us over.

What is the most routine thing you do?

Laundry. It is never ending. Being a single parent, it is a task that I would rather pass on, but it needs to be done. And well... doing the laundry sucks.

What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

a) Laundry - See question #2!
b) Get Married! Yeah, after investing 20 years into a marriage... NEVER happening again. Strictly hit & run now, thanks! :-D
c) Work for someone else. I like being independant and doing my own thing. Being your own boss is higly under rated. LOL


Thanks for stopping by.
Great answers.
Hope you take the time to watch my show too...been busting my ass for all of you.
Steem On!


Yep! Watched ya'all gettin tore up from the floor up! LOL Will be on the lookout for more episodes. Have a great day.

Amazing episode on the series, best wishes to see

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?

I would outlaw all things that outlaw stuff. I hate censorship.

2.What is the most routine thing you do?

The most routine thing is for me to get on Steemit and view posts and comment while sitting my fat ass in my recliner. It is the one constant.

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

Drink tequila and eat cereal
Drink tequila and eat hot dogs
Drink tequila and drink chocolate milk


More like hot shots...

1.war and terrorism

quiet enjoy it

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?
I would outlaw ingredients and chemicals in foods and drinks that are proven to cause cancer and other harmful health issues instead of just making manufactures label it. Why, This is the main reason many people are suffering from illness across the United States and elsewhere.

2.What is the most routine thing you do?
One foot in front of the other, Walking is something many do daily. Sometimes I wish I could hover.

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

  1. Date a Bipolar. 2. Get Arrested 3. Crash a car.

I like these answers.
Thanks for participating.

  1. If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?

I can't really think of much I would outlaw, I could think of a few things I would legalize...

  1. What is the most routine thing you do?

The most routine thing I do is pray, and smoke stuff that is outlawed.

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

Work at Red Lobster

Run away to Mckeesport

My entire twenties!!!!


I did Red Lobster once too!

I look forward to trying to sell my family friendly gaming content soon! In the meantime let’s try to win that precious metal ...

  1. Outlaw people who don’t know how to MERGE! I mean seriously, if you think your time is more valuable than mine, I disagree.
  2. The most routine thing I do is try to be a good Dad.
  3. Three things I never want to do again are; go through Marine Corps Boot Camp again, have my arm broken doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu again, taking out another loan, ever again.

Great stuff man. You are crushing it. Don't stop. Keep it going?


I'm trying man.
Still hoping to knock you outta the number 2 spot. :)
Steem on brother...looking forward to the next conference

So fun watching this xD !

  1. What i want to outlaw: Religion
  • In my experience Religion is one of the thing that's separating our society, I do believe in "Jesus" but for me religion are full of it, every time i go to a church i feel sick every time a person whose putting on a Facadeapproaches me, saying "Gods want you to do this, do that etc..", it makes me sick.

  • See for me Religion is like putting you in a bondage, restricting you and binding you that's it's almost suffocating, they make you turn a blind eye to what's really happening or what religion is doing to them. I'm sure Jesus doesn't want you to "Do" just because the religion tells you, if it were up to Jesus he wants you to be "Free". Religion calls people "slave" and "servants" while Jesus will call them "my children".

That's why i want Religion to be outlawed.

2.Routine I do: Learn and Listen

  • I spend most of my time reading, exercising, and finding new things to do in life, i always keep hearing people say that most learning would stop once your out of school, but that's not true Life is a continuous learning process, sometimes we learn things without even realizing it but some people are so afraid of learning or trying new things because they're scared of failing but remember A Master failed more times than any beginner would.

  • I also spend my time in the park talking to people, meeting new faces trying to get they're life story because back then i only wanted to talk about myself what i did, what i got etc. i wanted to boast every chance i get, but now when i started to listen to people's lives and how they live it i started to realize how much more interesting they're lives are compared to mine and learn so many things just listening to them and keeping an open mind.

  1. What i Never want to do: is doing Nothing
  • The reason why i say this is because there were times i felt helpless and couldn't do but watch, that resulted to my beloved lil bro to be deceased. Before that incident, do you know what i did?, that resulted to who i was before, i did nothing, i had all that freedom and time but yet i didn't do anything that resulted to who i was before powerless and un-knowledgeable, i could have done anything, but i never did a thing, all my incompetence is because i did nothing.

I apologize for my English not my main language.


Great answers!


Great Show!

First of all i have to say your name is one of the most unique names I've seen on STEEMIT; @jonny-clearwater . I'm so sure I've heard it in a movie... Anyway, You're awesome man!

So, i really gotta win this contest.. i really need steem to borrow steempower, to help my self and those i've invited to the platform.

Here we go :

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?

Ans: I would remove the law that protects/prevents certain government officials and politicians from being arrested, tried and put to death💀 .
Why? Because this law is what gives them the courage to steal, cheat and deceive members of the public. It's the back bone of corruption and what makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

2.What is the most routine thing you do?

I cook...
Everyday, seven days a week, 4 weeks a month, all yeat, every year! From heavy foods to light foods, fried 🍟 foods, vegetables, stews, everything. I can cook almost any dish you can pronounce 😉.

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

  • Fail
  • Get 0.000 on a post
  • Live a boring life

So that's it.. Thanks guys for letting me participate.

Q no 1 Answer:
I will outlaw mistake because I think we should learn from mistake not repeat again and again that's why I will destroy mistake.

Q No 2 Answer:
I get up early in the morning & and this is my daily routine.

Q No 3 Answer :
These are three things that I never want to do again

  1. Mistake
  2. Time loss
  3. Misbehave

These are my Answers I hope you will like these Thanks @jonny-clearwater

This is awesome! @Sevinwilson had some good answers! This looks like so much fun! @jonny-clearwater if you want to come back to Tallahassee and do another one I am down!

  1. If I could outlaw one thing, it would 100% be posting political opinions on social media. I am just about done with it. I don't care if we have the same opinions or not, I am tired of reading about your opinion on politics! I would much rather see a picture of your dog.

  2. The most routine thing I do, is go to the gym. After work everyday and most weekends I am at the gym. It is probably to a fault, I go so much! If you were to ask any of my friends if they could guess where I was if I wasn't at home or at work 99% of the time they would answer the gym.

  3. Three things I would never want to do again, would be:
    1, Go back to school. I suck at school, just was never good at testing and ADHD didn't help!
    2, See any of my exes, none of them ended on good terms, and I just hate seeing them. I have run into two of them recently and I just never want to do it again!
    3, Get lost in a foreign country by myself. When I was in high school my family went to China to adopt my youngest sister, and while in Honk Kong I got separated from my family in the train station. I had no idea where I was and didn't speak any Chinese. Was about the scariest 3 mins of my life!

It will be great for watching the show. Keep up the good work

Wow, really amazing

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?

I would like outlaw the idea "Husband in Rent" because the husband in rent is responsible for doing the occupations that any woman can't do at home, and would help single mothers.

2.What is the most routine thing you do?

I usually reading a book every night before go to sleep

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

  1. I wouldn't pay for an hotel of poor quality
  2. I wouldn't cut my hair like a man
  3. I wouldn't wear clothes that other people choose for me
  1. I would forbid Israel to destroy the Palestinians. I think Israel is very cruel with what they do to the Palestinians.
  2. Going to sleep
  3. Nightmare

I want everyone to stop killing each other.

I upvoted your last blog post since there is a .02 earnings threshold.


I am really sad to see the condition of palestina now, my tears always flowing. thanks, you have support me


You're welcome. FYI when you unvote you don't get any vote power back.

Wow, after reading this I'm marveled especially with the amazing work on every episode. @jonny-clearwater You're an Angel On The Blockchain.

Well one of my routines is to read blogs like yours and stay inspired on steemit.

And i won't shave my beards during winter.. When i eventually grow one😂...thanks @gutzygwin

1,outlaw from class for teasing girl
2,go to college

  1. mistake
    love becasuse break up
    never nois in class

Give upvote and resteem this post!

1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?
It would be church because i hate going to church on sunday. Sunday is the day i rest most and i dont want to be disturb

2.What is the most routine thing you do?
Put four cigrattes in my mouth and smoke dem all.

3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?

  1. Going to church on sunday
    2.visting some of our family
  2. Smoking marijuan

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @jonny-clearwater, thank you for sharing.


I'm going to give you 24hrs to edit this comment into something original, that actually has something to do with my post.
If you really want to connect with people around here...try not copy/pasting the same fucking message on everyone's content.

Me gusta esto, y esa monedita es nueva para mí.

If is it real, I'll tell my president that steem is not ghost money

1.I will outlaw cheating in an examination because it brings about academic dishonesty and brain malfunction.
unnamed (1).jpg

2.Studying hard

3.. Cheating in an exam
Not taking my breakfast because of anger
Getting drunk at night party

Hots shots

Nice post

  • fucking don't study do what you want coz fucking studying will consume your whole life and there would be no time to enjoy the life God gifted you with.
  • going to the bathroom lol
  • jerking off
    Study for exams
    Fall in love 😂

Hello! First off I want to say I love your blog and that you should definitely pick me!

1: I would outlaw negativity
2: The most routine thing I do is cut off the whiskers on random kittens
3: Three things I would never do again? Get in another relationship. Trust a dolphin not to rape me. Use a walmart bathroom

I really enjoy it and will follow :)

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i enjoy your post..thanks for sharing dear



To become the president of my country (Nigeria) at the age of forty or below because in my country only old men are deem fit to rule.


Visit Steemit daily and to check on contest.


  2. Eat one type of meal for a whole week
  3. Lastly, asking of money from my parent...

Question one:
If i could outlaw anything, what is it and why
I would outlaw Facebook because it builds its business model on the content we create there and tell us that its not their business model to promote crytocurrency and Steemit

Question two
What is the most routine thing I do?

Press the power button on my laptop more than 5 times a day. As a blogger and internet business enthusiast, i wonder if i could do without putting on my laptop each day.

Question 3
What are 3 things i never want to do again?


  1. Stop procrastinating because it kills ideas and destroys creativity.
  2. Get into a relationship when am not ready to settle down. It made me look untrustworthy.
  3. Buy votes from some bots because they are not worth the business.

A very big thank you to @jonny-clearwater for this contest.

  1. If I could outlaw one thing, what would it be.

My answer: it is immunity for serving corrupt politicians in Nigeria. They tend to escape the mighty hand of law and cause more havoc when in service by keeping the masses' money in personal savings and make us suffer more by destabilise our economy.

  1. What is the most routine thing I do?

Answer: Sleep by 11 p.m

  1. Three things I never want to do again
  2. Procastinate
  3. To be too quiet when I actually need to take actions or respond to acquisitions
  4. Work for (or under) someone else
    Yah! Those are my answers, hope I get to win something 😋

Amazing then past episode...Awesome hots or shots team..keep it up..I like this..i already saw your all episodes...

dear booster iam sent you minimum 5 SBD with different different link but cant vote please chake my blog i hope you refund SBD


You know, you're responding to a man who just the other day CRUSHED an account similar to yours.
It's a huge irony!


I just flagged 6 days worth of this moron's posts....wanna know how many that was...
50...50 fucking posts in 6 days...all of it stolen content
cocksuckers like this make my blood boil


You're too good to us, we need more like you.
God speed sir! Hilarious that he just out of the blue chooses your account to try to complain.
Into the lion's den.

I get old boosting bots shouldn't be used but so many are using them and making mega money while us new users get cents.


explain to me why you think my post is your exclusive opportunity to discuss this.


not exclusive, just your post happened to be the final reminder that made me want to say something. Clearly if has offended you which wasn't the intention but its just my opinion that's all. The site needs to become more fair, more and more people are bringing this up.


It's fair.
I don't pay for booster.
booster sponsors some amazing creators and I'm one of the few that were chosen.
hard work does pay

Friend a suggestion, so you can read more your messages, try to focus and justify the texts very well for a better reading of your content

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1.If you could outlaw any one thing, what would it be and why?
The one thing that I would like to outlaw is FEAR. Because despite how brave we appear to be in front of others there is still fear inside of us and it somehow leads us to destruction and negativity.
2.What is the most routine thing you do? The most routine thing I do is my daily devotion. I believe that communicating with our creator is the best way to have a clearer mind and be guided to find the right track.
3.What are three things you NEVER want to do again?
The 3 things I don't want to do again are:
1st, arguing with the people who dislike me and who puts me down because I realize that a problem won't be solved by another problem or arguing with one another.
2nd, is I don't want to hang out with negative people, coz they will only pull me down.
3rd,is I don't want to stay in my comfort zone and accept that I'm a looser. I do believe that I deserve to be Successful and I am bound for greatness.

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Oh very nice


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  1. Drive without being stopped , this is because there is too much police check on the road in my country

  2. Most routine thing i do is checking and being on steemit sites

  3. Three things to stop are;
    a. Stop keeping late night
    b. Stop drinking
    c. Stop chasing women

  1. It would be Bollywood movies. Why? Because the movies are so fake and annoying with very similar storyline in every movie.
  2. I draw everyday and that's because I'm an aspiring architect so I'm always on my laptop drawing.
  3. The first is smoking.
    The second is making sure never to do the first again.
    The third is "READ THE SECOND".

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  1. Outlaw: body shaming
  2. Most routine thing that I do: probably sleeping and complaining
  3. Thing that I don't want to do again: Disobey my God


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Apparently that's drinking, eating and running my mouth!
Do what works

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Another jonny-clearwater show.Hat's off guys.

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Thanks @jonny-clearwater for these contest and @booster for the sponsorship, i admire the simplicity.
Here are my answers to your direct though complex taught
If I could outlaw anything it would have to be Facebook..... just a taught.

The most routined thing I do is to check my phone with reference to steemit of course, once I'm up from bed, there is no disputing these, i do it like .... Everyday
1)I never want to cry over a relationship again
2)I never want loose a loved one
3)And I never want to wake up to an empty account

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