Steem Economics. Quality or Not; Politics Plays

2년 전

Steemit has changed a lot since I knew it.

Whales, dolphins, minnows, fingerlings; all terminologies

'Quality will be rewarded' just a fraud.


Like the picture above, we don't have to be the same. Not everything has to be long texts that I have to skim.

Can't we just reward someone trying to share her family time with just pictures?

Well, she has to put up lots of stories; true and false because Steem needs some texts.

You need to make good friends; friends with good vote value and not power.

It's a form of investment; only for the smart ones.

Many people are here for the money; maybe me too.

In the end, Steemit will become harder than you think; that's because you can never become a whale even if you tried.

Steem Economics; not necessarily a quality post if you were on the look out for one.

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