My first steemit meeting

4년 전

It was such an amazing day for I when they introduced steemit to me. I met with a team of steemiat that's TEAM UGANDA, were so helpful in making people like me understand the concept of steemit. 3rd February 2018 will lways be a memorable date in my life as far as unique social media platform - STEEMIT is concerned. As the experienced steemiats were sharing with us about it. It was awesome meeting such a caring team, shred some of their testimonies about steemit.

Am glad to be a steemiat. Big up to @ jaraumose.IMG_20180203_173503.jpgIMG_20180203_181434.jpg

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You are welcome to Steemit,my phone is currently off and will be back online soon.

I am happy you attended the meet up!


Thanks, actually tried calling on it but failed to get connected


It's a pleasure