#What to do in cyber security?

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There are cyber criminals to get over. To keep the organization safe from their hands, the awareness of the cyber world is important. Everybody working there should be aware of cyber security, regardless of where the institution is small or large. Find out some useful information:

Keep important information secure

Off-line computers and smart devices are now out of the question. Not only works, but important information including income and expenditure of the company is stored on the computer as a digital file. So ensuring the security of the office computer is more important. The most commonly used network in the office is the safest to keep it safe. Regular checking of whether the manager's office is safe or not is to be done regularly. Be careful for the information of human administration department, including important administration departments, so that they do not go unnoticed. Admin ID does not allow anyone to enter the outside, to ensure that.

Update OS and software

The automatic updates of Windows are kept in mind to save time and keep the speed of the internet. It could be a danger. To keep the safe and maintain work continuity, all the operating system of the computer and all the software used in the office should be kept up to date regularly.

Make the workers aware

The official computer and the data stored in it are not just authorities in security, but also the awareness of the workers. So at least once a year, co-workers can be trained on cyber security. As well as the information stored on computer, the value and importance of personal information should be conveyed to the workers. If these data is inaccessible then they should give them the idea of ​​the loss amount.

Keep backup information

To maintain important information backup habits have to be developed. You can keep important office information through external hard disk, cloud or any other. This information can be used in any disaster or disaster.

Unacceptable password

Personal document backup, chatting, banking - from official documents exchange to all - is now online-dependent. Avoid giving a password that is easy or easy to guess. Use at least eight characters long and complicated passwords. Create passwords in combination with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and use different password for each website. Change password at least once a year.

Use secure USB

Now many USB devices will be available. Increasing risk of cyber attacks via USB So use the USB port facility to charge your phone to another's PC or to charge someone else's device on your PC or use data if it is not urgent.

Do not click on the fake email link

Many people are tempted by lucrative offers to click on the fake link in the e-mail. Avoid clicking on such phishing mail.

Safe antivirus

You can use update antivirus to stay safe in the cyber world. Free antivirus is not always safe. Use good quality licensed antivirus on the office PC.

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