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  ·  4년 전

I'll be there to hang out with the coolest people on the internet.

New follower here. Cheers


cool, looking forward to hear you on voice :)


workin on it !
Thanks Bro ! /bow


very cool thanks !


Yeah that is cool!

I am there 17 hours a day :) Upvoted & Resteemed. See you at :) also follow @steemspeak


thanks ! appreciate it !


Is this the same as Discord? Or another place I need to sign into?
I was in discord most of the day yesterday and it was very helpful and everyone was cool.
I've noticed your Upvotes in the last few weeks
Thanks dude.


yes, this is a channel on discord
and thank you

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You are so right WISHMAIDEN its a cool platform thats wy iam going to upvoted you on warp speed.

iam fired up to hang out with these amazing peoples yes LETS HIT IT

i'm in with this, it's so cool and interesting, i can now hear the voices of my steem mate and most especially to those people who success in this line. best regards to all.


You too Bro, Thanks bro !

YO! I didn't know you posted buddy. Upped and followed


just did this because ask to post this real quick ! thanks



Welcome back!

This looks interesting.. will definitely join!


very cool, it's a great place to talk, listen and learn !

Hello again jtstreetman. I replied to your "What really matters in life" post after 9 months. I kind of think my reply had something to do with this here post. I see you have many big time followers. Would you mind if a bottom feeder like me followed. ps thanks for tip.. it worked... MW

Excellent chat, thanks for the info

I hope I am one of that cool people


come to discord and chat

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ep it up

Crap. Now I need to Clone Myself, lol. Im already doing a radio show weekly at

Is this forum a livestream type deal?

Good Post.


live 24/7

thats great i am going to check it now. so excited for it..

Howdy @jtstreetman, nice share. I am a quite new Steemian who just joined the platform. I would love it if you could check out my profile page and click the follow button if my content interests you. Much appreciated!

A very good place to learn. Thank you much for sharing this. :) i am following you now. Looking forward to more of your posts.