The Liberator of Working Class

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Don´t get wrong. I am not a Communist, but Living in a HyperInflation Environment I clearly see can liberate hundreds of people from the misery FIAT Monthly Salaries. I am not a preacher, I happen to be an Ex Corporate HR/Compensation Manager and I know what I am talking about.

Here is a post I just blasted through my 30K LinkedIn Network:

"Finally I was able to see the Green Light in my Project. Effective, next week I will be allocating 50% of my time. As I see it, is a company where I can buy shares with my work, and also to generate some revenue for my daily life. If in doubt of the Performance Potential, check my Wallet. I never have had that amount on reserves.

Today my Mind was blown up for the second time. In just 1 hour, I made BsF 1.000.000 which is the average an Oil & Gas Employee makes in a month. Astonishing, indeed. Very, very fascinating and wonderfull.

The BlockChain Technology is for Real, and a Liberator. No other way to put it "

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Yes, Steem coin along with other cryptocurrencies will liberate people from only on kind of monetary means of making money.

Glad you've been liberated Im still searching myself but I feel like every day i enter the cryto world i just feel all sorts of potential. Everyday I feel like im stepping closed gaining knowledge learning. Hope we can network and bounce ideas!


No yet liberated, but I have seen heaven and now I know exists. Hence I am shifting my strategy to that objective. Still a Minnow but close to reach the 500 boundary. I regret not having invested more in steem when it was at 0.85 - 0.95 just a few days off. Study, learning and following right people have help me a lot, to the point of writing the above post


A lot of practicing, testing and making mistakes. It is like learning math

Steemit and Blockchain is just wow. Greetings @justinomora🎅

Could you explain what BsF is? Is it bitcoin related? And how did you earn 1 million?
That's the kind of earning that I want to make.


BsF is the current FIAT of Venezuela. 1 Steem = BsF 200,000
1SBD = BsF 1.000.000

But the BsF came from taking three zeroes 000 to old Bs FIAT local Venezuela currency. 1,000 Bs became 1Bsf in 2008.

Hence in terms of old Venezuela currency FIAT 10 SBD = 1 Billion Bs.


Currently 1 SBD = 10 USD


1 USD = BsF 100,000


Do you get the picture? It is hyper inflation


1 kg of smoke pork ribs = BsF 350.000


On average Venezuelan don't even make 1 SBD a month

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Hyper Inflation in Venezuela is wiping out value and FIAT rendering it worthless

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May Peace, Love, Awaken and Awareness be your guide.

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