Tesing the New Editor of SteemIt

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I am really excited/glad to see this "new" and long-asking feature that has been released today by steemit. Great work!

However, one thing I immediately notice is that the Ctrl+V for picture upload is now gone. But you can instead select a file and upload it.

The Editior splits into two parts, left is your markdown editor, and right side is the preview window.

It is convenient as the toolbox provides buttons to insert different markdown objects such as hyperlinks, tables, different headings etc.

And one thing fancy is the coding format, you can select different syntax highlighting (but they may not work when posts published).

For example: Python formating

print("Thank you SteemIt!")

And this is PHP

(html comment removed: ?php
echo "Great work!";

For a markdown user, the buttons are not so useful to me as I remember almost all markdown syntax.

The tables, the page breaks, the horizontal line, the GOTO-line these are new.

Also you can not mix markdown with HTML syntax, which is not good. How am I going to make text red?

<font color='red')doesnt work

So to sum up:

  1. ctrl+v pasting/uploading the image is gone
  2. HTML syntax is not supported anymore
  3. toolbox added for easy insertion of different markdown syntax
  4. preview window along your source code.
  5. code syntax hightlighting not actually working when publish the post.
  6. BUG: in preview mode, the [AT] address points to incorrect github.com instead of steemit.com
  7. when you edit the post, the original editor comes back.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thank you for reading ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Good to know!! :)

Mirate esto! @belenguerra

I am yet to get acquainted with these features. I was surprised to see them as it was tough for me to maneuver while trying to create a post a few hours ago.


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吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


ctrl+v pasting/uploading the image is gone

The very first thing I noticed.

As HTML not support justify codes are not working. Old post templates need to be re adjest by removing HTML syntax and it is time consuming.

But I believe new editor is better than old plain editor.

the best post..

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Hello sir @justyy I have delegate 30 SP and have also chosen you as a witness, hopefully this is useful Thank you Please for your support

I've discovered this feature today and it's really easy to see how's our blog looking but I liked the previous version where we could see the preview below.

Nice read. Well done.