Great opportunity to buy Steem

4년 전

Hello, fellow Steemians!


I just woke up and checked the prices on Tab Trader, and saw Steemit gravitating around $1.00.
So I decided to change some of my BTC for Steem because I feel like $0.96-$1 is the absolute floor these days, and an amazing entry point.

Look at Steem's performance since the BTC run started:

I don't think BTC's run is over yet, but I think Steem will be more profitable. I think It will inevitably go to at least $1.25 when BTC will cool off a bit.

To get a 25% from BTC it needs to have a $1500 run. (I changed some of my BTC for Steem at around $5700 or 0.000177). I use TA here only to see the solid floor we have at $1, the rest is common sense. I think there is a bigger probability that BTC will cool off before reaching $7200 and Steem correcting to at least $1.25 than the opposite scenario.
And I feel the currently Steem price makes the risk way smaller than a long on BTC at the current price.

PS: I still hold BTC, have even some cash for a correction, but I'm most optimist about Steem right now.

What is your opinion?

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oh ... again so much time went by.

I do not answer your question, because, ... I have no clue. This number crunching stuff I never understood very well.
I just came by to see if you got some new post on your blog.

Friday night and I am sick. Blähh... sorry:) have a mushy feeling in the brain.

Stay well,


Unfortunately I am pretty busy and will continue to be so in the near future.
Don't think will have too much time to write, especially something I consider to have at least "some quality" in it. I barely read some posts these days :(

I hope it's nothing serious. Please get well!
I do not wish for much these days, only that we all are healthy, for nothing else really matters if health is precarious, and watching a close person being in bad health right now, kills me and really shows me in perspective what's really important.

So get well!
I will include you in my good thoughts and future meditations.


Thank you for your kind words. ... I am looking forward to get well again. And maybe this is needed to pace down.
All the best for your busy days and accomplishments.

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very cool

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keep supporting each other.

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