Worried about the STEEM price? Read this and relax!

6년 전

Over the last days I have noticed too many posts gloom and doomin' about the STEEM price.

So many predictions, so much debate.
So many .. guesses.

The reality of what is about to transpire is so much simpler!

Because Humans tend to be visual creatures, I present to you below, a short and provably true story of the STEEM price. It will give you the warm fuzzy feeling (tm).

The situation

Present trend:

Undefined event somehow undoubtedly related to #bitshares:

The result:

it worked for him, we have nothing to worry about!

tl;dr: stop stressing! BELIEVE!

Oh, I almost forgot! The Magical Incantation of Steemit Transnational Exhorbitant Rewards! (MISTER)

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No one plugs bitshares as shamelessly as @karnal !

That could be my slogan. :D