What is the true value of 1 STEEM?

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Have u all seen this

With Steemit being the public face of steem right now, it seems to me that a comparison with Reddit is appropriate. Comparison uses Reddit statistics from 2015

Reddit STEEM Approximate Ratio
Total Users 234M 25k 10,000 to 1
Votes/day 25M 50k 500 to 1
Comments/day 2M 6k 300 to 1
Posts/day 210k 4k 50 to 1
Reddit has a market value of approximately 4 billion dollars, so the current value of Steemit should be between $400k and $80M depending on which metric you look at, with Steemit doing surprisingly well on the posts per day front. What we see here is a small, but passionate community with high productivity on the post side. Web valuations have traditionaly been based on eyeballs so my guess is that the present value is closer to $400k than $80M

With over 100M STEEM in circulation, I estimate the value per STEEM is between $0.004 and $0.80.

That's a lot of uncertainty, and doesn't take into account the possible upside, or possible downside. Reddit is also a very different sort of beast, but this is just about the relative worth of the value provided today by Steemit and Reddit.

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