Community Action - Lets bring Julian Assange to Steemit! Hes looking for decentralized spot!

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If you are not aware who he is, i suggest to Google but here is small sneak peak.

Hes the guy who created WikiLeaks. There is also some movies about him ie:

Currently about WikiLeaks his main place to share news is Twitter and now hes looking for a decentralized version!

So now we can get word out about Steemit, STEEM and decentralization and possibly get such big person here.

Reply to his tweet with links/infos.

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Retweeted ! Helping Julian Assange is very important to me.


Well i am new here not exactly knew to how is it helping . just watching every post and comment to all of you guy's. hope to be with you.


Also @noisy gave idea for this action so give him love :)


if he want a twitter alternative ,shouldn't we tell him of zapple


all posts will end up on Steem blockchain anyway, so it is actually doesn't matter which interface he will use


yep! but he want a decentralized twitter hence why i said zapple it a decentralized twitter that still not released yet!!

· is built on Steem ?


Zappl hasn't launched yet though.


but it will soon :)


Soon it will.


yes steem will have a greater strength


Im with you man, if my twitter wasnt tied to my work I would be on re-sharing this.

I hold the keys to the @julianassange and @steemleak accounts, and have been trying to make contact to arrange the handover for over a year.

(Self voting for visibility since this is now a top trending post and I really want to hand these keys over already)


Great to know :) Hopefully he notices Steem in his research for decentralization


to a hacker, that should be child's play, breeze, picnic, easy as pie, duck soup.... :D


Once he finds out he will surely recognize!


how about finding and contacting him ? but i think you can't really do this unless you invite to the party, my good man (or woman .... or ... well, whatever doesn't matter)
what's in an expression after all
it would resonate better if you can get them both , who wouldn't agree with that, do we have linus Torvalds btw ? Kim Dotcom ? controversial .... yagh , well ...
anyone else, yea i can think of a few, can you get those first, please, as the cat that walks by himself community rousing is not really my thing. The sun king got his head lopped off coz the ad-vizer went behind the curtains i suppose. I dont like to bark either, i'll leave that to the dogs. But from up here on my tin roof i have great vision on this world of yours.
Your reach should extend your grasp ... or you will never grow. Go for ten-X (i got that term from a book ) if you end up with 5 you'll still have more than everyone around you hahah
GREAT IDEA, where do i find the man ? i'll ask him personally
ofcourse, many ...
Cody and Amir ... maybe if we shout loud enough (well i dont like shouting either) .. you ... or "they" ... maybe even Satoshi or Q can rise from the grave and join the revolution, seems like a nice place to be at first sight. I hope it sticks, and i hope it doesnt bubble and burst like twitter did under the weight of money first ... my credo here from day one still : if you're in it for the money first you're middle of the bell curve, you gotta do it with conviction, no one will believe if you don't believe yourself.
Assange and Snowden would be a good start
truly (yea i'm not known for my 280 character posts-)


lol, I wish I had read that before. If ever it get through let him that this other name is reserved for him too. @Transisto


We are waiting so much fake jullian assange soon.))) How get to know who is real?


He'd tweet his steemit username from his known/verified twitter account.


What awesome foresight and a great gift to the world!

One of the MANY contributions you keep making to the decentralized world of greater freedom!

Love you Brother!


If Julian Assange comes on steem we are waiting to the moon. This is great news!

Maybe I'll even buy a little steem now.


He'll probably show up when we least expected. lol


I like this did you make it ?? :)


That cool


I have posted to jon rappaport as well. I really don't care someones ideology as long as they are trying to disseminate genuine news/info and education. Suggest members reach out to anyone they feel is being censored by main stream.


That's crazy cool you created those accounts that long ago! I hope he takes the offer! Cool shit!


Be great if he got in touch with you for sure.


@ausbitbank what about @officialjulianassange ? also how much are you going to sell the account for ?


I don't have/want the other account, and this isn't for profit I'll hand it over free (with whatever balance is on the account)


Of course you will, because thats WHO you are!

Respect, Honor Gratitude∞§∞


cool... proud of you honey


Come learn about my vision...


Haha that's awesome :D hopefully you will pass them over soon!


It's amazing that you held on to them just to hand them out when necessary - good on you!
Can't see that happening on any other social media's, which speaks volumes for the Steemit Community :)


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Why not just twitter him?


Amazing You can follow and admire, please, hero

I'll be honest: I have some concerns that his presence here may bring the kind of people to the community, who I'm not sure would be beneficial for it.

However, I'm not opposing against the idea. It's an almost perfectly democratic system, after all, and I would never screw it up for my opinion.

And in the end, such a "huge name" can bring some attention to Steem that can be beneficial too. I just tried to highlight that every dime has two sides, and I don't want Steem to become too political.


Got it maybe it's a good one.

Just do it.... basically, everybody is talking about blockchain (de-centralized)... so why not?


really I like your post.
ti is so informative post.
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Good call

Looks like there is clear demands for steemit like decentralized SM platform. When these demands (Assenge) meet supply (seemtit), steem will flourish and it just needs time.

Is it possible that he would be interested?

Wow nice post.

If you live your dream you will reach it.

Look what my dream is

Great post!!
If he is wanting a decentralised social media network for his content then there is not really any other option apart from Steemit.
Let just hope our messages get to him and he converts over to Steemit.
What a publicity boost for it would be for steem!!
Have a lovely day!! :)

Beam him up Scotty!

I support this fully!



yes it would be great

I couldn't agree more!

To the real heroes who were thrown under the bus:
Satoshi "created the blockchain"
Aaron Swartz "the internet's own boy"
Pavel Kařízek "the boy who can cure diseases"
Laura Brown "stem cell pioneer"
PMS "the best chef on the planet"
Ryoma Sakamoto (relative/family tree, upheld personal rights, reformed Japan)
Gareth Giles "AI pioneer"
Ed Snowden "First successful whistle blower"
Julian Assange "created Wikileaks"
Martin Armstrong "imprisoned for trying to expose investment bank corruption"

That's an excerpt from my facebook post which was censored: has published my nightmarish account of my journey to the depths of the rabbit hole which is not just deep but multidimensional :/ :'(


Chelsea Manning and Ross Ulbricht will be looking for a spot on that team, too.



that would be enourmous win-win :-)

Do not use google. Use faroo


Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 10.28.54.png

Interesting idea.

This looks like a good idea. I don't think it will make steemians any richer, but it would benefit both, Wikileaks and the Steem community.

Excelent idea. Add Snowden and manning in as well. I'm surprised Julian isn't here yet. It was through Wikileaks's FB I first came across steemit.

great idea Assange is perfect for Steemit... he should link up w/ @dollarvigilante

This needs to be done! Totally agree!

We would love to welcome you here sir!

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Looking wow!! Just wow!!i love it. thanks for sharing this


He belongs to Steemit!


fallow me plz

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Your publications are really beautiful I've checked most of them and found them amazing you're really worth it all thanks for sharing I hope to be like you in the future.



For your nose.

You're welcome.

I've sent him a private message ,too in tweeter...mentioning to him and invited him to join.



It sounds like a good idea, but Assange characteristically will point out Steemit's flaws. Furthermore, he has probably already evaluated it and determined it to be censored by the people who own it and not a real uncensored venue of value to his agenda.


Yes, Steemit does have some issues and Assange's expectation as a matter of his constraint and activism, will be high. If he were a free man, he could have created a similar platform.

good idea!!! waiting for him

I tweeted the dude today. I hope he sees the barrage from the Steemian community!

Also, asked to have @EmbassyCat come over & play, too ;-)

Nice. Hopefully he gets to know steem soon!. Cause he needs to be Steemed (pun intended).

I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite initiative on the Citadel!

I think if he would really be interested in a decentralised alternative for twitter he would be already using steem.

Great idea. Waiting for Julian's "introduceyourself" post. 👍🏼😄

@ kingscrown I don't have/need the other record, and this isn't revenue driven I'll hand it over free (with whatever adjust is on the record)

Hi Kingscrown, nice initiative, I dont follow Julian on twitter, if he joins STEEMIT i'll follow him here as I'm sure others would too.


Update, I just read a few of the tweet replies, and noticed @fortified tweeted an account for Julian is already setup here on STEEMIT.


Done. I'm recommending it in his comments too:

Done. I'm recommending it in his comments too


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Yeah I saw that on Twitter - sounds like what he is looking for!

This is an amazing post I have found refuge here from youtube. I am still on youtube but I have to upload very different content now. I have been on steamit I like it very much.

I like the content of the magazine
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Thanks 😘

He offered wilileaks servers to hold the Catalan Referendum pooling station info when the Spanish Government closed down the servers.

This is an excellent idea!! Julian Assange is a real hero!! We should show our support to him. Good work! @kingscrown!
Go for it with all your might and sword!!

All the best.

I admire and respect what Assange and the others have done. However, this reply is a shout out to ALL the un-sung heroes who have fought and do fight, some of them unrecognized and alone in the shadows, at their own peril and sufferings, to unveil secrets and knowledge; so that humanity can prosper and overcome the evils in the world.

I see some of these unsung heroes posting on STEEMIT. It would be great for more of them to find a way to anonymously use STEEMIT, as they are the base of the information.

Assange and the others would be welcome members of STEEMIT. However, what STEEMIT really needs more are heroes who are famed by exclusive STEEMIT postings; especially ones that are posted on STEEMIT before being seen anywhere else.

What a great person to follow!
Hope he comes aboard

Hi, Nice to meet you kingscrown, very good info about Julian Assange, i like it, don't forget to visit my profile @preciousboy. I'm new here. I have followed you. I hope you will also follow me & Resteem my Post.
Best of Luck!

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i will back.

Kind of insulting to say use Google to research Julian,

at least tell people about or, who knows what google will show you with their Censorship and Tracking.

Yeah the elites are pulling everything out of the bag, and many American citizens probably still didn't know about the LV Shooter's original target. And why it REALLY P'ED off Obama, was due to personal reasons that clearly crossed the line [WAY PAST THE GREY ONE], and I'm curious about that other girl who came out shouting "YOU'RE ALL SURROUNDED, YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!" (They even claimed it was a guy yelling the same thing), which to me suggests that it was multiple shooters, (whether another, radical group of shooters still remains to be fully confirmed -- even though it's pretty clear cut that ISIS has been caught with their hands in the cookie jar), they do believe it was more than one shooter, they just don't know exactly how many more.


And that Paddock idiot was clearly trained by a radical faction, the tactics he knew matches firmly with the code of the Samurai / Ninja, tactical attacks, and fighting styles are like "fingerprints", which can reveal who you're dealing with. But the target he had in sights before, doesn't surprise me because of the massive crime that takes place on the east, west, and south sides, while the north side is like watered down J.E.L.L.O, yeah it doesn't taste that great, and we have you on the potty in a hurry.

Oh yeah, and the shooter just so happens to pick the..

I'd think it would be great for him to come to Steemit, but I was hearing that censorship is also an issue here, depending on what you say. It was another steemit user who post it on YouTube here's the link.

This image is photoshopped. But, would be nice to see this happening in the near future.


Excellent -Upvoted! :)

Up for this! He should be here!

hopefully, he will soon be here @kingscrown

Great idea lets do it!

I gave him an invite to Steemit too....

I Have Done My Task as You Can See and I Hope Julian Will See My Comment and Take Action and Will Join Steemit Community

Thanks for sharing this post @ kingscrown! Really appreciated!

@noisy @kingscrown Great work guys!! ☺

Great idea! Will be good for the community here too if Assange brings his following here :)

Clearly sir steemit is the best choice, reliable, friendly, awesome and full of opportunity. Steemit it is!💪💪💪💪💪

oh hell yeah, mr assange et al would be welcome anywhere i am chilling. im tweeting now.
lets make it happen, steemeranii!

The Australian Community better drag his butt here-He's gonna love it here!

Great Idea, would be huge to have Assange on steemit.

I replied to his tweet:

Also done I hope he gets one of our messages ^^

Quick someone get @julianassange so you can flip it to him for a profit when he comes to steem lol


Too late, I've held the account for over a year and will hand it over free to Julian the moment I can get in touch with him.. I even started loading it up with bait funds :)

Julian Assange would be a huge asset to the steemit community. His treatment by the establishment has been nothing but appalling! What kind of world do we live in where telling the population the truth is considered a crime! This man should be branded a hero. Not a criminal.

Good post

This is an AMAZING idea! And what about Snowden?

I sent him a message to come to Steemit. Would be interesting to see him on this platform.

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He's probably already here, just going by some kind of assumed "@moniker"!

Im pretty sure the steemit

excellent, kingcrwon! thanks for sharing.

It's only a matter of time before he jumps on the STEEMIT TRAIN!! Whoooot whooot

Thank you for posting this lovely moment in time for you. Followed...

that is good news!

The decentralized future is now!

That would be interesting! @kingscrown

Lol I just made a post for this. You got it first though! Here's an upvote for you. Followed :*

Thankyou for sharing @kingscrown


Great post! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward for more!

make me as your friend because you are incredible..

Nice alert and inform shared here. Done!!!....followed, upvoted and resteemed

meh... as much of a fan as i am of decentralized communication, i can't stand assange. i could care less where he ends up.

Yes Great idea.

My name is @nicholas83 and I endorse this post.

  ·  3년 전

So who is going to bring him to steem?

Excellent post

Your idea is too great. Bringing some famous person attract more famous person towards Steemit. We have to try to brings some famous person here. Its create more values in steemit.

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Done...its a good one

Should the real Julian Assange want this name, Contact @Transisto

What an exciting notion. One big personality/celebrity like him and Steemit could be on a chain-reaction to very very big things.

looking good

it's nice to see your post @kingscrown.success always ..

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Great post, again,! Thank you for what you're doing. Upvoted @ 100% my friend. Keep up the good work.go ahead.we are with you all of luck

Steemit is amazing but maybe he not join for part steemit is not completely decentralized. The hosting provider of steemit it not decentralized. Maybe there should be another platform hosted on or soemthing like that.

Please 1 upvote my post

It is a great honor to welcome you here, sir.

great idea boss! I think it will be usefull and more people should try this

  ·  3년 전

OMG how

Excelent idea sir

  ·  3년 전

Precisely. He should be on steemit. He definitely belongs here.

Great one, can you help me know more

fury news :\

History is witness, Whosoever wanted to expose Rulers were finally the Victim himself. This is exactly the case with JulianAssange, I am a big admirer of him but what happened in reality, The bad guys united put a fake sexual harassment case against him and put him house arrested till the time he is completely broken and destroyed. The is full of Ruthless leaders.

I like this for artikel you. Amazing

This make me very happy ... I would be glad if I get first up vote give to him :)

great post.
upvote me plz.

  ·  3년 전

let's bring him here . . . . .

Its a great honor if Julian Assange become a member of steemit and here is the good spot for him!

Tell Julian to check out Internet of People!! building decentralised apps for the future!! !!!!!

hi bro! I am @sherin we need to help each other to build our dream with the steemit if you not help us how we build our dream.

What a wonderful turn of events. I can not believe he would not know about Steemit by now. Let us know if he becomes a member! Just coincidence that the attacks happened the day of the tweet?

we need to help each other to build our dream with the steemit together we can achieve big things

Maybe he can help Steemit to progress more the fact that he's a programmer. Are you friends? NEVEr knew him on Twitter.

nice post. I just upvoted it.

Holy fuk , this will be a big improvment for steemit if that man will be on our side :D

Hmm impressive

Getting a huge name like Julian Assange to Steemit would be absolutely incredible! That would bring in so many new members! Great idea, I hope it happens :D

Shall we also get Edward Snowden ?

Very good my friends

What will be our benefits then?

I would welcome him to join and it would be a great test of Steemits none censorship. I wonder would Trump come on over from Twitter also. He could still keep his posts 120 characters ;)

perfect, thanks

That will be great. I think soon steemit will become forefront of independent journalism

Let him join steem and see the different.

Bad idea. Assange is a controversial person (to put it mildly), he could do more harm than good for the platform.

IMO he is not a honest person, and his affiliation with Russia and intelligence services is not clear. His narcissist personality is also not constructive for any community.

In other words Assange has a hidden agenda...

The website publicly condemn supporters Segwit2x

  ·  3년 전

Very good idea :)

Oh wow! I didn't even know that he was featured in 2 movies!

I hope he comes in soon! Amazing guy!

I watch this movies #thefiftestate and #risk, and I interested in hacker things, but ı didnt realized the cryptocurrency ,

Now, ı understand what @julianassenge do, and invite him to join #steemit community ,

Very nic post. Follow me

Very post 👏

Yes we need alternative............

We need to do that and bring him here. He definitely needs a platform but what are we gonna do when the Hash Babylon knows that he hangs out on steemit. Wont they come quickly and start banging and crashing doors. The world needs everybody to be like Julian Assange. That is the only way to protect people like him. Freedom is Freedom because it is demanded by everybody.

nice post bro

keep in touch bro

I'm new to steemit. But I let him know. I think I'm going to be the one that really makes him realize.

Love that guy....

julian assange in steemit!!!!

Free Julian Assange

I think this is a great idea!! He would fit right in!

By the way, this one is also freely available on YouTube..:

it should be like that:

Nice... Keep It Up

I cannot wait to become the first follower of Julian Assange on Steemit. :)

nice post bro.

follow and upvote me to, will do the same to.

I went to his Twitter page and messaged him. What a wonderful addition he would be to Steemit!

He is most welcomed and so do like the idea.

Good information. Let see what happens.

100% I agree ...

Resteemed followed and heres the comment :)

This would be a great asset. I hope he joins Steemit community. Thanks for sharing this information. The more we share maybe he will see it and know this is the best place for him to be.

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@JulianAssange twitter account is not controlled by the real Julian Assange. Look at the events that took place in October 2016 at the Embassy and the subsequent change in Wikileaks tweets. Julian Assange was not using his Twitter account until this year and now he is fully focused on promoting the independence of Catalonia in Spain. Something really does not add up.

On a lighter mode next person to come to steemit should be potus (you know who i mean)

Just make sure someone does not downvote him on his first post itself!!!😃

100% agree that Steemit would be the best platform for Assange. We're all about freedom of speech here. There is no community that supports whistleblowers more.

But I read he's going to something named Scuttlebutt... What's that anyway?

It seemed like a good idea to reply to one of Julian Assange's posts on Twitter with a link from this post

Steemit needs him badly.😜😜 bring him up.

Worth knowing him. Thanx for sharing the post!

This is a great idea. Getting a well known name on the Steemit platform like Assange would be great. Also, helping him spread the truth, uncensored would be great. Lets all do what we can

I hope so like the rest of you guys but I think that’s not gonna happen soon !

You see audience is very important think in social media. And at the moment Steemit doesn’t have a wide audience now ! So let’s actually support each other and bring new steemians in the game people!

plz....follow me and upvotes me...i back u!!!

Yes and get him on too!

we will see|