Starbucks Wants to Accept Cryptocurrencies - Lets Get STEEM There!

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Today main news is that Starbucks Chairman Howard Shultz said they have plans of adding cryptocurrency payments in their shops.

The thing that shocked the most was - he said - Bitcoin is not one of them as its not currency of the future.

In 2015 Starbucks made an app that allowed to purchase coffee and get points through it. Maybe this is where crypto payments will take place?

Full text:

So since they like blockchain, dont like BTC for micropayments (obviously for now) why dont we try adding STEEM there?

Fill The Form

You never know what can come out of this. Spreading awareness of STEEM cannot hurt and to do so - you do not need much time,

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Hopefully they will have a Steemit account and accept Steem! That would be massive for Steemit and start bucks! Imagine how much money they'd earn from people liking random pics of coffee ;)


Probably more than a cup of coffee's worth!

Maybe a bit off topic, but whats up with smart media tokens? When shall we expect them to be available?

This is a great. I'm from Ghana and we creating a vibrant steemit community here. Our number one problem is unreliable internet connection so earlier this month, I got the idea of starting a "crypto-cafe". A place just like a Starbucks with free and powerful internet connection and everything bought there will be paid with steem. It's an idea at the moment and I think I'd be great if I can fuse it with Howard Shultz's idea.

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! I always spread STEEM and this will be added to my tasks to do....This is my facebook I just posted about Steemit. Next stop is an email to starbucks.


That is great, spread the news!
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.57.35 PM.png

Great idea and thanks for spotting and sharing this opportunity that we have to do something together for the value of STEEM. I did it right away.

Just reading it gave me a rush of ideas for how Starbucks could benefit from using STEEM. Giving people incentives to share their visits to Starbucks on STEEM-based social media would be like free promotion and also a new business for Starbucks entirely.

I shared my ideas further in this post and encouraged my followers to also fill in their idea. Hope we can make this work! :)
Steeming from Starbucks - Why STEEM is the perfect currency for the Coffee giant
(sorry for the shameless promotion, but I believe this could be a great thing to do)


It even sounds good together! Coffee, Steem(Steam), social media... It's meant to be.


I’ve been told that Starbucks will give you free wifi
I’ve also been told your cpu will be used to mine coins for them


On a related note, I'm trying to get steem listed on Crypto-bridge:


The Problem is witch Crypto are wont Starbucks to acept

Here in IA we are seeing more and more retail stores accepting crypto currencies. I know my girlfriend will be happy she can spend MY crypto to buy her "double late frappuccino coffee thingy". Its inevitable every time we step foot in Target, I use the restroom and she buys a $10 coffee.


That would be amazing! :D

So weird they dont like bitcoin. STEEM MOON!


No weird at all. The cost of the transaction is going to be more than a cup of coffee. It just doesn't make sense.


I think the transaction fees would just be outlandish for a cup of coffee. I would bet XRP is probably on their radar.


I no longer own any of these coins--but I guess XRP, XLM, Doge and XVG will be the top 4 candidates for them, IMO.


Dont forget ltc.


Perhaps--I'm just wondering though how much is the TX fee for LTC?


But they're assuming bitcoin never has lower fees. with LN and possible new additions in the future it seems likely the bitcoin fees will eventually become much lower. Seems odd nonetheless.


I was thinking the same thing. But would prefer to see them help us. Steem would be a good fit, lets see how it plays out.




It only makes sense from a business point of view, bitcoin transaction fees would cost more than the coffee, plus payment takes hours. STEEM on the other hand has free transactions and take seconds!


How? And this is assuming it stays the same forever.


Have you ever tried sending a bitcoin transaction for $4? Fees are based on data size, not amount sent. A transaction for $4 would be completeley eaten by transaction fees if you wanted it to get any confirmations.


The hot Cappuccino would be cold by the time the BTC payment is confirmed! Lol


No it isn't. Bitcoin is obsolete.


Realistically bitcoin fees are too high and the transaction confirmation times are impractical to buy a cup of coffee with. Something with fast confirmations and low or 0 fees would be needed. XRP or XLM would likely be contenders... or XRB which has 0 transaction fees.


Bitcoin uses too much electricity- it’s not sustainable.

Starbucks accepting crypto would be huge, but the logistics puzzle me just a bit. Are they capable of stomaching the wild swings in what ever crypto they accept? Will the coin be acceptable for micro transactions? Are users prepared to record the transactions for tax purposes?

On the surface this sounds great, but there's a lot of details that need to be fleshed out.

Great to see crypto gain mainstream acceptance. They better figure out a way to appease the federal govt taxing machine.

It will be great to have starbucks accepting steem dollars. Its fast, fee less and you can earn it by blogging... I need a coffee... wait let me blog to earn it :smile:


The blogging aspect is pretty interesting... It definitely ties in with the typical Starbucks goer.


I like `` I need a coffee... wait let me blog to earn it :smile''

I personally think they will create their own coin but in any case if they adopt crypto then it is going to be good for the community as a whole.


Don't forget about Uncle Sammy. He's going to want to take a sip of that coffee as well. (more like a gulp!)


Hahah I didn't even think of it like that till now


No pun intended. Ok, maybe just a little bit. :)


BitBucks haha. I think they are too busy making coffee to create a coin! If they create their own coins even better because it will increase the crypto awareness and competition from other coins. Since everyone will try harder to be the best coin! I hope they add support for Dogecoin to buy coffee with! 😋 ☕️


I'd be down for Doge coffee.


Sounds awesome! 😄


Buckup coin would be great! Lmao

On a side note--Dogecoin truly deserves to go mainstream.


OMG I never thought about it but it would be perfect for them to create their own Starbucks crypto!


Don't expect it to happen to much for a company like them to manage. If anything it may cause a boomerang effect and lose sales. If you need starbucks coin, amazon coins, etc, to buy at these places. Why not just go to Dunkin Doughnuts and pay in cash.


Well, of course it would be optional. Starbucks isn't going to require crypto and turn down cash. Lol.


I think you're probably right. Publicly exchanged company with a publicly exchanged currency. Match made in heaven


They should use Steem’s Smart Media Token (SMT) to create their own “Starbucks” coin!


Where can I read more about this idea? Sounds interesting. I don't know much about SMT. You can point me to some developer documentation, I don't mind reading.


Sure! Here's the official page:
And @ned's announcement:
Check them out and let us know what you think. Steem on!


Cool thanks. Will try dig into it! Sorry only saw your comment now :)


While I think many companies will have their won cryptocurrency in the future, I don't see why they would go for their own coin at this point. As far as I understood, the entire point of adding a crypto was to make it an easy option to pay for your coffee with, but no one is going to have any Starbuckscoins laying around, so then you would need to buy these first, making it a pretty complicated process just to get a coffee. I think they will rather add a low-cost fee crypto.


Yeah, it doesn't make sense for one store to make their own. They would just be adding several conversion layers on what should be a simple transaction. For some outfits like Steam, it makes more sense, because they also run a peer-to-peer marketplace.


Yeah, exactly! I could totally see Steam making their own crypto and use it for the internal market at one point, which would actually be pretty cool.


Yes that is one of the most likely scenarios. They could also take over an existing coin, or maybe a few big corporations like Facebook, Starbucks and Amazon could be working on a new crypto together. Regardless, I am excited to see how this all evolves .


That is an interesting point! Really excited to see how this unfolds.


Steemit is crypto that will double the value this year


hope so :)


They have said they aren’t interested in that route and they will adopt an already existing coin.


That's what I'm thinking too. Its more than likely they'll setup some form of their own cryptocurrency, one they can some sort of oversight with. I doubt that Starbucks is ignorant to all the fraud taking place in the crypt markets right now, and likely something they're going to try and avoid at all costs.


Well that is pretty smart I wouldn't be surprised if they did that 😆


this great idea is able to give the unlimited chance to enjoy ease of transactions to every startbuck coffee lover.

steembucks !

That would be absolutely AMAZING for Steem!


come on guys, we need to push this blog, this will help steem move forward


Nice, haha!

How cool would that be if you could sit down at Starbucks, write a post, get paid in SBD, and buy your next coffee at Starbucks using the money you earned while sitting at Starbucks writing about how you were earning money for Starbucks while writing at Starbucks?

That's the life.

tl;dr Starbucks is everything


Great observation--I followed that right to the end:)
It would be very cool to be doing that.

Wouldn't that be a Perfect opportunity for an SMT ?

One of the things these guys will be looking at when choosing a crypto is how easy it is to implement.

SMT's come, come, soooooon! :-)

In my opinion Stellar Lumens has the best chances of being accepte at Starbucks in the futur.

  ·  3년 전

I have the same opinion, xlm is the guy!!


Yeah, any of the top ten coins that have transaction fees that are in the low cent-range would be likely. They may even waive the fee since it would be so much cheaper than what they pay in credit card fees.

Seems not really well informed, coming out with an announcement like that just before LN comes consumer ready. I guess they will create their own crypto then.


My bitcoins are far too valuabel to spend on Starbucks, no way will I waste it on that not enough Bitcoins around for this. Better options avaialble...


Thats funny I thought I was the only one that played with this one.


If they do create their own, it'll be a marketing stunt. They don't need a coin! They already successfully accept payments all around the world with the Starbucks app / giftcard system which integrates well with their contests, rewards and "star challenges". The ironic thing is that many people I know have been purchasing Starbucks with Bitcoin for over a year (through crypto-debit cards like TenX or buying Starbucks giftcards with Bitcoin on sites like


Yeah, gift-cards basically are store-specific cryptos. It doesn't really make sense for an individual store to make a crypto.


They know if they announce the crypto/crypto's they will be accepted will basically be market manipulation. It would cause a massive pump in the ones involved. Too me that sounds great but they are just getting everything lined up before they announce.

Hi @kingscrown, please allow me to translate your post into Mandarin in order to spread to the Chinese community!
Link here:
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Just filled it out,hopefully more Steemians can add to our compelling case😊

They should also accept Ignition Coin - $IC ;)


one day.

very good, I'd like to do so.


lol, this is a start, i tried

I filled out the form with the following:

Please begin accepting Steem cryptocurrency for payment. I don't even drink coffee but I would start coming to your stores to buy other drinks if you accepted Steem. I know thousands of other people will as well. Check out, dtube and other apps on the Steem blockchain for more information.

Now, everyone else do something similar!

STEEM at Starbucks would be awesome!

steem would be perfect

I know where all my rewards would be going!! ☕️🍪🍩🍵

They said they will accept digital currencies.

would be awesome to pay starbucks with steem!

great initiative from starbucks, good early adoption of the latest payment methods

That would be epic but I have a feeling they will be rolling out there own maybe. They kind of been beating around the bush about it saying they have a winner and its not bitcoin.


cant hurt to try and bring awareness


Done, I've sent my suggestion for them to accept Steem...Let's all fill up the form and submit it if we really love Steem!


I think they will accept either stellar or ripple, ripple is backed by banks after all, and stellar is just a better faster cheaper ripple, but hey, it's just my opinion after all


Yeah, they can't realistically accept anything that has more than a $.10 transaction fee. It just wouldn't make any sense.


I don't think they will make their own, they will just accept a few . and bet they know what they are doing. They will accept the ones with big growth potential and HODL . in a couple of years that $5 worth of crypto to get your Frappe will be worth $20. Great business and expect the likes of McDonalds and others to follow suit. Mass adoption is on the horizon and thats great!

I was there October 2012 in Houstan Texas for their manager and district manager training and event shows, over 10,000 district and retail store managers.

The executive team at Starbucks were encouraging managers to sell stocks that some might not have realized they had, telling stories of how some managers sold their stock that didn't realize they had for $10, the time mangers got 43-46 shares per year, districts managers got more, and the crew got some too but not as much.
The managers were also encouraged to tell their crew to sell if they need to as well.

This low key orchestrated dump took the price from $25 down to $20.

Ironically that same event week was when they announced their partnership with Square so they can have people with iPhones going into their long lines and serve people getting a quick coffee ect.

If they announce their own coin I would be hesitate to buy. But if they were to start accepting Steem that can be huge for both Starbucks and us as a community.

steem has got lot of potential our responsibility to make it more successful


NewBie Here and I am 100% Agree

Stetem would be perfect - but I sure they will create their own one in order to benefit from the hype.

Well cryptocurrency is the future and bitcoin is still the granddaddy I think but it has scalability issues with high transaction fees. Hopefully lightning network will take care of it but its a good idea to promote steem which will help stem community in the future.


Yeah, I'm not sure how big of an impact LN will make, but it really has to be a fraction of the current transaction fees. No one wants to pay a 50% markup on their cup of coffee. Right now it'd be more like a 500% markup.

  ·  3년 전

It's sound very interesting!

This is huge! It's also good that Howard Shultz sees the current downfalls of Bitcoin. Still not sure if the lightning network will make that big of a difference in transaction fees and speed. Regardless, it's good that there is more crypto adoption. It's going to benefit us all!


bitcoin is too slow for day to day transactions. but any coin that uses lightning network may have a chance.

On it.

This would be so epic for STEEM. Much love and respect for spreading the awareness.

Mass.... Adoption... It's coming soooon! :)


Right around the corner imo...

Great idea!Just submitted my "suggestion".

Thanks for the heads-up!

Here's mine:

And after I submitted,

I sure hope it gets attention.


They can use Bitshares option to create their own crypto asset STARBUCKS. 😉


They could...


I referred to the social media value as a potential for them.

At least my opinion is that it makes sense in business terms. Social media is important for Starbucks.

Thank you for sharing, this will be a BIG win for the crypto community.
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.54.52 PM.png

We have a pretty big and active comunity if everyone do their part they will probably consider the idea!


my boyfriend works at this company. They are building a mobile app that a business like Starbucks can use for customers to interact and use their own token. They are launching a mobile app soon. check them out.

wow... this is such an awesome news. thanks for getting the word out.

Its great to see Starbucks is forward-looking enough to consider cryptocurrency as payment, and more importantly they have no plans to make their own 'coffee-coin' etc.

i like

This is great news to hear that Starbucks is going to accept Cryptocurrency and I’m sure more but companies will start to use them in the near future. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe they haven't heard about Lightning? You know it takes these corporate types 10x longer to hear the news then us plebeians. But if we get SBD in there that will be huge.

They should use bitUSD of course!!!!
Fast, no volatility, low fees, ... There is no better choice out there.
Let's go fill this form!

I don't think it works, due to trading rate is high, and coffee only $5 per cup range.


only work if have no fee to use.

You never know.. :)

steem is the fastest blockchain out there...seems logical to use it


Come on, such abysmal abuse of the rewards pool! This post is insulting, but money is money, and ethics are obviously irrelevant.

Howard will try to create his own crypto internally. Even if he uses another one to start with, don't kid yourself. Just like their reloaded card program illustrates how starbucks makes a clear effort to capitalize on the LIBOR float % = $$$$$

The thing that shocked the most was - he said - Bitcoin is not one of them as its not currency of the future.

I agree. I really agree. Also bringing steem to Starbucks is an awsome idea since steem is more of a long term.

wow steem will be more famous. let's vote and make steem stand out and purchase those coffees.

other companies may follow as well so let's support this idea. it will benefit us and the company as well. win win. :)

Really hoping more business open up to crypto-currencies after Starbucks has shown interest.

That would amazing to see! I really want to spend my crypto for grocery's! :D

It seems impossible for the current blockchain technology to efficiently broadcast every purchase of coffee in the world. They have to imagine how big blockchain must be and how fast the transmission needs to be for it to efficiently process micro-payments. If big companies, such as Starbucks, that needs fast and simultaneous huge data trafficking capacity, then only Ripple, XLM or bitcoin with Lightning Network can accommodate to this specifications. However, bitcoin's Lightning Network is still in its trial phase and there are rumors that it is not running smoothly. Since the big boss has already eliminated bitcoin as an option, it seems like Ripple or XLM is going to bag a huge partnership.


In times like this when new coins can show up everyday we probably haven't even seen 1% of the coins that will come the next 30 years. And when something is very new not all will jump on it at the same time. Will probably take years before it gets some mainstream attention. If people see that it's an easier system to use then I think most will jump on board the train of crypto.

Humans are also very creative in solving scalability problems. Especially when you put a team of people on a project and tell them to fix it. May take a while but a solution always comes up eventually. Just give them enough time. Or even better put an AI robot on it and it will come up with some solution. Big data it loves.

Cup of steaming hot coffee purchased with Steem, Now that would be steem power :)

In my opinion they should go for BTS as they can create their own crypto asset, say Starbucks token and it has a large bandwidth too.

I personally would never use my bitcoins at Starbucks, it's just too valuable. There are many decent cryto currencies much better suited for this..

Starbucks can be the leader to crypto adoption ! 🙏🏻 It would be huge to be pay for coffee using crypto .. thanks for sharing! Totally filling the form now

I love this idea and would love to see steem become even more practical a cryptocurrency not purely based on speculation like a lot of other altcoins are. That being said, I am NEVER going to spend my steem on a starbucks coffee! I'm leaving that for fiat. #HODL

This is a great step into the future. It is clear that blockchain and cryptocurrency is taking up steam. It would be wonderful to get steemit added onto it. I am loving this great news.

I am personally waiting for those debit card crypto companies like tenx to have their product available to people on a mass scale ( in the United States). Once that happens, crypto can be converted instantly into fiat.

Still buying it tho, idk why..


I think many of us buy coffee in a cafe mainly because of the social aspect of being around other humans in a calm environment. So that is more what we pay for. Being at a relaxing location! But maybe soon with Virtual Reality headsets we can have our own virtual Starbucks in our living room and then have an AI robot create the worlds best coffee for us to drink!

I think the company would benefit by using the currencies that will be the most popular. That is those with the highest market cap but not yet congested. I.e. not bitcoin and not ethereum. If they support multiple chains, congestion in one would mean you could switch to another.

They dont want to accept BTC, must be due to high transaction costs and delayed confirmations of BTC and indicative of lack of with confidence soo many Forks of BTC (BCH, BTG and more that are planned)

They will never ever select any crypto which is decentralized​ so in short only ripple is one which suits them and they will go for it mark my words because they are running a business and only consider ripple in future even they don't​ allow crypto to buy coffee does not​ affect there business at all

Hey Thanks For such an awesome post, i don't think they will comeup with their own crypto .
** I have also covered this news please check it out ** :


this is the beginning of a new era of crypto that will recognize the whole world of steamindir.jpeg

And we want Starbucks accept Steem ;)

I think its better to mold the things your way, and hopefully Starbucks will get something of big value out of it..

If Starbucks takes up a current crypto for even a day, it would be a game changer. However, I feel that they may develop their own blockchain customer loyalty solution instead, much like every bank today.

Gracias por la información

Thank you for sharing your knowledge @kingscrown, great contribution... from Venezuela a big hug. Here you have a follower more @brianleif




Google Images..

If they can learn how to spell my same right, then I'm happy to pay them with any cryptocurrency!

The combination of Starbucks accepting a token earned from blogging just seems like a match made in heaven. STEEM makes a ton of sense here.

Great idea. They can market Starbucks as the place that rewards creativity. Write an article to pay for you coffee, can't get any better.
If they don't accept we could create the Steam Coffee Shop. Cryptos only. Free wifi. And donuts.

Starbucks has opened the star box of the other coins.

Very interesting that they explicitly exclude Bitcoin. I don't get it.

Nyc idea of introducing steem in starbucks....

Crypto currency is going big now a of the top business tycoons in India is also planning to launch own crypto currency and once it’s launched, it will break all records...being hopeful...let’s make steemit a success ☀️🙏

Would be a great idea! Crossing fingers they choose ripple or even better coffee coin lol.

It would be amazing to have steem be accepted by Starbucks and it will make steem also worth more.

This makes crypto a real officail currency now lol . Cryptos and coffee

It will be great for Cryptocurrency in general when Starbucks and other highly visible businesses start accepting them. Obviously this has already happened to a small degree and not worked so well with bitcoin issues (ex. Amazon). Hopefully bitcoin will get its upgrades, but in the mean time there are some good alternative choices to use now and the one(s) that are chosen will have a upper hand to stay in the future.

The general awareness of the public will start to awaken more and more they see them being used as a currency causing the total market cap to rise.

The fees have to be low like litecoin or xrp etc. to make it work and have good exposure.

They will probably accept stellar or ripple... ripple is backed by banks, and stellar is just a faster better ripple
What cryptos do you think they will accept @kingscrown?

Wow, what a very interesting idea! It might even work! This will definitely revolutionize Starbucks (and maybe even other establishments, should they follow suit).

Starbuck will be a game changer. Companies like Starbucks and Amazon can really bring cryptocurrency to next level. I am waiting for Amazon and Walmart to come forward and help to steem cryptocurrency.

Hmmm..maybe their own coin? I'm guessing Ether.


Ether takes more than a minute to get confirmed. I'm thinking about faster coins.


VERY good point! That network is so bogged down right now...clearly Steem is the better way to go!

We only need an easier way to buy steem with fiat, I saw news of a wallet but I don't remember where I saw it. 😅

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. As of November 2016, it operates 23,768 locations worldwide . Need to move to pay with cryptocurrency. Is a Must!

I like Peetes but could start liking starnucks if this happens.

like i commented in another post
Starbucks would have huge success in South Korea, especially Seoul. Its like the city of Starbucks. Maybe with this move south korea might want to be more lenient with cryptocurrency.

If we got them to take STEEM that would be a game changer, this would go totally mainstream. But they will probably make a stupid CoffeeCoin or Starbuckbucks.

We don't trust Starbucks, they exploit third world markets selling drinks at ten to twenty times high, using brand psychology. Coffee growers in Java poster? Looks good? Alas farmers get pittance and your pity to Starbucks profit. Same system like Apple.

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

  ·  3년 전

Wow that would be great!!!

Who the hell would want to buy a cup of coffee with bitcoin and pay $100 of fees while waiting an hour for the transaction to go through? lol


Actually most transactions doesn't have to clear in a second or hour. If you pay something with VISA or any other current card usually they just hold the money in your bank account and can do that for weeks. We trust that the electronic system works! And it's true that nobody would pay $100 fees haha. 😳 ☕️ 😄

The article specifically states that they are NOT currently planning to accept crypto.


Who reads the article? 😂

People read what they like and discuss only that.

I miss Harambe.

starbucks invest in cryptocurrency? which one?


Awesome man!! I'm gonna go do it now!! xD

Great idea ! I'd definitely be on board if they brought it to starbucks in Australia !!

well that's a great step,and I personally think bitcoin should not be used as a mode of exchange because its quite not affordable with the transaction fees bitcoin is meant for making large payments may be it should be used for buying you a lambo or a villa ,At the starbucks they should accept may be electroneum or steem dollars as a mode of payment because they are very much affordable iin terms of fees and fast.

Funny As it might sound wouldn't STEEM be the perfect ideal partner for this endeavor?

-Think about it, what international company wouldn't a growing crypto currency such as STEEM?
-It saves them all the trouble of development & implementation of a new cryptocurrency.
-That it itself would kick in the door not only for STEEM but the entire crypto currency market.

Now i know some would be totally against this ....but it's just an idea.
I know if i sat on Starbucks board....this would definitely would be a "fit" for their culture...and it would show that Starbucks is ahead of the curve.

Those are great news :)

I think everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. We as users (users) should be grateful dnegan these things. I myself am delighted with the technological developments that undermined many of the established settlements. Let's think of a taxi that can not keep up with the times to collapse with, for example, the emergence of Uber, a pleasant present-day transportation and making people fast to the destination.

It's going to be QTUM tho.

They are already going to have a partnership with Starbucks in South Korea. A QTUM team member confirmed it on the Telegram group but they haven't officially announced it yet :D

If Cyptocurrencies evolve more, usage increases from just web and mobile apps to the mainstream usage preferably from the companies like Starbucks; this will mean a fortune for Crypto Investors.

Underpant Gnome.jpg

My good friend, the Steemit Gnome,
told me about his plan to get get rich
from Steem's mass adoption:

  1. Collect Steem

  2. ?

  3. Profit!

I think just like King-burger they should create their own coin.

What a nice idea, steemit people has a brilliant mind .Thumbs up!

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This will be perfect as I am a caffeine queen, and see this as a boon to everyone except once the Starbuck employees figure out what Steemit really is, Starbucks stocks are going to lag because the staff will be busy writing , curating, posting or straight up leave the job once they see the this
Block chains Door to fiat freedom. Ha.
My prediction is the the Crytpo blockchain will one day dictate the fiat and commodity exchanges..not the other way around.. until it becomes a tokenized world
In my cafe of dreams.
Im filling out the form....
Your post could mean another way to spend my SBDs
Thank you for the heads up!

On the schedule, I am here most hope to become good friends among environmentalists that much

I personally don't care for coffee HOWEVER... my wife is

A) a coffee fanatic
B) She doesn't believe in crypto-anything. [Mostly because she hasn't taken the time to research]


Hello Wife, you know your friend Starbucks? Yeah that's the one... Well i heard from a source that they accept cryptocurrencies...

That's how the best conversation of 2018 will start haha.

Thanks for sharing this, I'm very excited, will be filling out the form, resteeming and giving your ass a follow!

It's not goint to be Bitcoin it's going to be the currency he is the most invested in lol.

i don't think thats will be great if we adding STEEM there

Heck ya that will put crypto on the map even more! #CryptoAndCoffee

Omg that would be one of the biggest things ever for steemit!

Only if there is a peg on SBD and it stays $1, more and more companies will start accepting steem as payments and we will have a fair chance of taking steem to the moon. But currently higher SBD attracting new user to this platform which is great sign as welll :)

Loading the Starbucks card with crypto and using it to buy at the store. There are crypto cards doing this already but the big difference here is it’s Starbucks itself promoting it and not a crypto card. This is going to be huge. Can’t wait to order my matcha green tea with soy latte-venti.

Vote me please

Before you know it we're gonna have a McDonalds coin and so on!

Good Morning Steem community !!!! Follow4Follow Upvotes

I swear this will be the best thing ever.. But I don't know if it will actually come to light though but I pray so much they when this happens the wonderful community of steemit would be first in line... Wows.. It would be soo coool

@kingscrown Great info! If Starbucks made thru; things would be exponentially beneficial for Steem :D Best wishes to you always.

It is well confirmed from Mr.Howard's desk.

Good idea they should have to take this initiative

I think they will understand oneday that what will be the future currency. Bitcoin is that currency. one bucket sorry for them.

And if they were negotiating with the new cryptocurrency that will come out in the breeve as it is Gram (Telegram), I bet on this line.

If you want to know more about the Gram crypto currency here you have it:

I don't think steemit would be the ideal cryptocurrency for starbucks. Something that has a huge circulating supply ie Stellar, Cardano etc. But any kind of adoption is good news for the cryptocurrency community!

BTC is having some growing pains with transaction costs and scalability, but these are all things that can be worked out. Once they get that worked out it can be used for micro transactions again


It does feel like some other coin will be used for micro transactions. Probably Bitcoin will mostly be Gold 2.0 that people store and protect their future with! Who wants fiat inflation currency in the future! Bitcoin is the grandfather of crypto coins... It looks over the smaller coins! But it's too tired to move around too much in a global mainstream market! Also it does look a bit weird to do 0.003 BTC transactions. I feel that the high price of 1 BTC will scare people away from doing tons of transactions with it as people do with Steem Dollar!

im just waiting for everywhere to start accepting all crypto! i cant wait!

Aren’t they renowned for tax evasion? Accepting payments via crypto seems like it could be a good way avoid even more tax.

We all gonna to be star if they accept it

this mean progression this mean better world :) and less fees and taxes also :) i'm really impressed about this company :) keep it up

and thanks for this news :)