Motivation for the new! | Minnows are people too!

2년 전

I believe that the system of Steemit that was created was not intended to be controlled by whales. The fundamentals of this platform was to be a social and content creators dream. A place where you can bring your thoughts and ideas to other like minded people and get rewarded.

I haven't been on here very long but I can see how things work. If you have a high amount of reputation, more than likely you have a big group of upvote trail. Look at the trending, mostly always the same people. Now I did say mostly. You can pay a few of the big bots and BOOM! Your trending now. If you have SDB laying around in your wallet why not. For most of us who are just starting out we can hope that the one post that was ground breaking for the readers and hopefully get lucky of get a vote from a whale. With those big rewards. Hey it can happen! So let’s get those creative juices flowing and start pumping out awesome content people.

Today I have become a motivational speaker for the minnows in a sea of whales! LET’S MAKE STEEMIT GREAT! Thank you for your time! And support you local minnows!

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