Unconditional love of Grandmother, Mary Kumah

3년 전


The episode of great love and caring that's Grandmother's love is unconditional, she's my everything (my counselor, my love etc). Today I decided to let my fellow steemians know the love in life my, yeah most time that we are making monies always but this time we need to show some appreciation to the our loved ones to always making monies and busy schedule but we need to let them feel our presence and the space they occupy in our lifes but today this is my own, the love of my life that's Grandmother's mother and her name is Mary Kumah, she has taken a very good care of me this the day I waa born onto this earth till now when I'm even about to enter into the university

Grandson and Grandmother

I hope the Omnipotent God bless me so that i can also repay my longing debt to her.
The love is deep and cannot be measured

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