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STEALTHCRYPTO is Cryptocurrency come from the Stealth Grid ™ platform that focuses on providing and developing data support services based on Blockchain technology. Stealth Grid ™ provides users with enhanced data assistance services by blending the latest renewable technologies in the virtual security industry with Blockchain technology, which will result in better and safer data support services for users. Stealth Grid ™ aims to create a cybersecurity ecosystem that better scrutinizes and secures user data more safely.

Stealth Grid ™

was created on the basic assumptions of some cybersecurity experts, who are concerned with the cybersecurity industry and have an intention to change it for the better. Stealth Grid ™ sees great opportunities in Blockchain technology and pre-owned experience, becoming Stealth Grid ™ creating better service than this temporary service. Stealth Grid ™ leverages a decentralized system that secures user information along with the benefits of Blockchain technology as a basic development. Stealth Grid ™ utilizes systems that directly encrypt the information that works together with high performance and stable. Stealth Grid ™ provides users, information and network support that can be used for services such as Cloud Storage, IoT. The development of STEALTHCRYPTO is accomplished by Stealth Grid ™, which can integrate services like StealthCrypto Cloud ™ and StealthCrypt, as well as several other services into a single information support ecosystem. STEALTH Cloud is a service that can secure the exchange of information or Storage based Cloud Storage.


can secure Cloud Storage-based information using a specially designed algorithm and then this information will be secured and stored in selected information centers in all the world. StealthCrypto ™ is a member of Stealth Grid ™, a crypto that users can use to transact and put digital assets together in a safe way using the provided wallet. StealthCrypto ™ uses Blockchain technology that will secure and encrypt transactions performed by the user. StealthCrypto ™ is very likely the user to receive and send cryptocurrencies anonymously. StealthCrypto ™ is also traded by users on the exchange. Stealth Grid ™ also has a user, a smartphone called StealthCrypto Phone ™, which will provide users with very secure telephone help, confirming that the privacy and security of the StealthCrypto Phone ™ network and information used will be supported and guaranteed using the ecosystem. from Stealth Grid ™. Stealth Grid ™ aims to provide better information relief services and confirms the user's information and the network are not interrupted by unauthorized parties.

The blockchain is an inescapable book

that records digital transactions. This technology was first introduced by anonymous individuals alongside the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto against 2008 and has since revolutionized our pace of eye-catching transactions across the world. The blockchain is very likely a belief to be distributed to all networks, without the need for central authorities to track, verify and approve the exchange of digital values. It operates as a decentralized distributed database, maintaining a consistently evolving record list divided into partial blocks. Legacy will use this technology to decentralize and put confidence in its users. The blockchain is a fairly new technology and is still in active development, consistent improvement continues, and it is more effective and safe than traditional old-fashioned processes, hence banks, governments, and other institutions are adopting this technology. Blockchain technology is very likely to be tested for time, data, and attention. This interim protocol aligns the needs of all stakeholders in the consuming cycle of places to create network impacts that encourage adoption. By creating new exchange places, Consumers get more choices regarding how they pay for media; The Creator and Receiver get a new compensation form, and Advertisers get more transparent accounting and audience info. Protocols interact with platinum while this is not just another hosted network. It introduces new revenue streams and ineffective mechanisms for host networks that allow the ability to scale effectively. Over time, donors will utilize an identity profile created for blockchain-based processes in the future.

Business model
StealthCrypto® has the expertise and knowledge to protect your data using new technologies of decentralized blocking protection technology to withstand the challenges that arise in the ever-changing landscape of threats. High-performance network encryption for long-term data protection Creation of quantum keys and distribution of quantum keys
StealthCrypto® provides security for cloud storage, IoT and communications, and faster thanks to the patented StealthCrypto® StealthCrypto. 

Products ready for sale

The Stealth Grids Trust Center has a number of ready-to-release and encrypted communications products that will be available to the StealthCrypto® marker. Today's ready-to-release products include IM, cloud storage and file sharing, email, voice and video conferencing, using our own Quantum virtual security technology,

StealthCrypto® and AI Cyber ​​Security ™. Using our patented, dynamic end-to-end, Split Encryption ™, Dynamic Split GeoDistribution ™ and quantum authentication technology for data protection, locking, communication, smart city platform, IoT and banking. Stealth Grid ™ creates incentive-based quantum networks that radicalize existing infrastructure based on our Qubit blocks.

TELEPHONE StealthCrypto®

StealthCrypto® provides our users with enormous power over their privacy and calls anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or data. Stealth Grid seeks to decentralize mobile communications with technologies that allow smartphones to communicate without relying on a centralized infrastructure, using our

The decentralized Quantum mesh network is the first of its kind in the telecommunications industry. "All phones have an integrated privacy management center. Users fully control their access and phone functions. StealthCrypto® phones will become the most secure phones on the market, and each application must be approved and downloaded from the secure StealthCrypto® page.

Quantum Mesh Network

The NAS StealthCrypto Cloud® system is completely decentralized with files distributed and stored around the world in different containers. This allows the network to become strong against the attack, without a central point of weakness. StealthCrypto Cloud ™ NAS with built-in Wi-Fi router connected to peer-to-peer cloud storage, telecommunications, communications, IOT connections, development and support of the StealthCrypto® stylized ecosystem. The system will supply Quantum Entropy engines, generation of quantum keys, key distribution and authentication.

StealthCrypto users will have great power over their privacy and make calls anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi or data. Stealth Grid aims to decentralize mobile communications systems with technologies that enable smartphones to communicate without relying on centralized infrastructure using the decentralized Quantum StealthCrypto network (the first of its kind in the telecommunications industry). 

StealthCrypto is the first. All phones come with original privacy control feature. Users have full control over their phone access and functionality. StealthCrypto phones will be the safest phones on the market and every application must be approved and downloaded from the secure and trusted StealthCrypto page.

As stated on the website, StealthCrypto ™ has a range of ready-to-market products;


In addition to providing more efficient transactions, StealthCrypto can also be used as secure data storage. In the online world, data is a very important asset. Data theft is one of the main problems faced by internet users. Internet users need secure data storage media. Users need storage media that can not be known by anyone. The storage media currently controls many parts. All data and activities of Internet users are always monitored by various parties (with their own interests).

Some people do not care about their data on the Internet, they assume that data is just data and nothing is missing. They will only change their perception of the data when something happens, for example, when someone else abducts their social media account.

Lack of knowledge about data is due to lack of respect for online data. StealthCrypto increases the value of your user data through rewards. Humans tend to appreciate something when they are respected. Like data, users will enjoy their data more when others love it.

Many people start using online storage media to store important data such as corporate data and work files. Data like this is obviously very important because it concerns the interests of many people. However, StealthCrypto believes that all data is important. That's why this platform is rewarded instantly by sending cryptographic coins.

StealthCrypto does not store it on a centralized server, but stores it on multiple stand-alone servers. Any information will be stored on different servers. This is done to minimize losses due to possible data theft. StealthCrypto realizes that, like any other security system, there is always a gap for hackers.

StealthCrypto realizes that all the technologies created by humans always have weaknesses; Just a matter of time. StealthCrypto does not want to be a company that offers the brilliant concept of all the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency, they want more.

How to join StealthCrypto ICO?

Follow the steps to join StealthCrypto ICO:

Registering on the website: The first step in the process is to register on the website. Go to and create your account by providing email id and other necessary details. You will receive an activation link to your Email id to confirm your email address. Click on the link to activate your account.

Login to the dashboard: After you confirm the email id, visit the website to login to the dashboard. StealthCrypto has an easy-to-use dashboard system. You'll find a buy now button on the dashboard that will allow you to buy tokens.

Buy QMN: StealthCrypto Tokens are distributed on behalf of QMN. You'll find a QMN buy button on the dashboard. Click on the button to visit the buy page now.

Selecting CryptoCurrency: In the drop down section, you have to choose the cryptocurrency type you should buy token. For example, if you are willing to buy it by using Ethereum, select the amount of ETH. You will show the address or the QR code in ICO. You can use this for your personal deposit address.

QMN Payments: Once you make a payment, the purchase will reflect your account as a StealthCrypto wallet.

Done. You are now an official partner of the StealthCrypto community.

StealthCrypto Token is QMN, this abbreviation comes from Quantum Mesh Network.

Total token supply: 400,000,000

200,000,000 token untuk Stage 1 Token Crowdsale

Pre-Token for Sale starting January 28, 2018. The initial token price (ICO) will be set at least S0.50, or current market value above S0.50, when ICO launches July 05, 2018. 200.000.000 tokens will be provided for Stage 2 Token Crowdsale (50% of the total).

Phase 2 will happen no earlier than 2020, and all tokens will be sold at market price, not with a fixed value of $ 0.50 USO (note: all percentages below will be adjusted to the actual amount raised, for example if we sell 70 million token 1 00M, the following numbers will be multiplied by 0.007)


StealthCrypto Fund operates as part of our business model, ensuring a stable token with a bright future. It is in our best interest to ensure that the purchasing power of STEALTHCRYPTO ™ grows over time and market manipulation is avoided. As many as 400 million tokens will be issued. This is how damaged in dollars during the planning - the price can actually change:

Quantum Cyber ​​Security for a new era of communication - We develop a decentralized, incentive, quantum, quantum, sustainable quantum network based on blockchain technology. Using copyright, Dynamic Split End-to-End Encryption, Dynamic Split GeoDistribution ™, and quantum number generation, quantum key distribution and authentication The Ultimate in Quantum Secure Cryptography for data protection, as well as blockchain, communications, smart city platform, IoT and banking This team creates a Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) ecosystem that will be far superior to existing, secure, personal, and available ID request systems.

StealthCrypto® and the Stealth Grid ™ development team have strong technical expertise and unique market knowledge, with 2/3 employees working in R & D, including an international security expert team and a number of world-renowned cryptographers.


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