Massive Withdrawal Mistake from Binance! PLEASE HELPPPPPP!! :((

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I made a big mistake today. I withdrew 15491.483 STEEM from Binance to @transfers by mistake. I can see this account was created 3 years ago by @steem which is owned by @steemit and @steemitblog. I would greatly appreciate if the owners of the steemit company help me retrieve my funds. I cannot believe I made such a stupid mistake! I have sent an email to as well as a DM to Justin Sun on Twitter. I don't know what else I need to do :( Any advice is welcome.

Txid: 504960ad1219b5e8b4ce3cb95683cbb4b518cec4

Tagging the top 20 witnesses out of desperation :(

@steemchiller @steem-agora @justyy @dev.supporters @future.witness @dlike @symbionts @rnt1 @steem.history @smt-wherein @protoss20 @inwi @rlawlstn123 @exnihilo.witness @hinomaru-jp @hoasen @scissor.sisters @roundblocknew @maiyude @leverfile

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I hope you can get your money back

Uhg, I've sent funds to the wrong account before, that sucks.

Good luck getting it back


Dumbest mistake I've ever made 😥

I hope you can get it back, and the owner of @transfers account decided to return it to you. but it is an old account, not sure who owned it, maybe it is being controlled by the steemit team.
I really hope you can get an answer from the teams and a way to get your fund back


Thank you sir I hope so too 🙏

Hi, @leveragetrading,

The account you are referring to can be owned by anyone. The account @steem was and is still being used by Steemit to create accounts for the general public through their faucet.

Unfortunately, there is no way that anyone can help you to recover your STEEM at this point apart from finding the owner of that account and hoping that he is kind enough to return the STEEM.

This is probably not something that you wanted to hear, but at least, you have now a more realistic take on the situation.

Sorry , for your lost.
I Read message in Discord and link to your post.
Give you a vote I have.

God Bless


Thank you sir I appreciate it 🙏