Livin The Steem in Acapulco Bay: Our Anarchast Inverview with Jeff Berwick Just Released

4년 전

Hey there everyone, here to share our latest adventure with you! After much preparation we finally did our Anarchast interview with @jeffberwick from The Dollar Vigilante.  He released it here on Youtube today!

For anyone interested in the backstory, we actually had to reschedule on Jeff probably like four times due to the fact that we weren't ready.  When he originally approached us for the interview, I just started going through detox from Kombucha and was sick.  Then @modprobe had his accident, and things kinda fell apart in some ways.  The house stopped getting cleaned and things were chaotic to say the least.  

Our house was a mess, more than I think Jeff understands but I know @modprobe does because he lived with us.  Things weren't easy but finally we got the house and farm to a state where we weren't cringing having Jeff here.  It's a farm in progress so it's not going to be perfect, but it shouldn't be a pigsty either.  To be honest, we got the house and property so clean that I took awhile to take photos, just for my memory. 

The interview was rough honestly, but not for Jeff's fault. Rebel screamed from the other room the whole time, making me nervous.  I kinda rambled about my how I became an anarchist partially as a result, but that's life sometimes.  All in all I'm as happy as I can be with how it turned out.

Jeff, thanks for your time and patience and sorry for all the bullshit! For anyone wondering, Jeff's daughter is a sweetheart who loves animals, we showed her around and let her pet some animals as it occurred to me that I've got my own little petting zoo.  She was also smart enough to charge him extra for her labor, as she was on her feet in the sun.  

To all those who have been following us, new people or those since the beginning, thank you for your support. 

Stay tuned for more shenanigans, I'll probably do some throwback posts sharing links to old posts for those who are new to our story.  Thanks for following and supporting, until next time!

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Just listened to the whole thing. You guys are really kicking ass. We can't wait to meet you at Anarchapulco!

Just finished watching the interview with Jeff. Your a real cool couple. Life looks pretty awesome south of the boarder, not what many Americans think of when we think of Mexico. Thanks ;-)

I enjoyed watching your video and hearing about your adventures. Happy you got off those tracks in time to miss the train.

Keep up the shenanigans. Glad to hear the interview with Jeff finally happened. Looking forward to reading more posts from you.

I keep on seeing The Dollar Vigilante's video on YouTube but I haven't watch any of those yet. The main reason is I'm scared of the name itself "Dollar Vigilante".

Thanks for posting this...this made me think to check-out The Dollar Vigilante's videos next time.


In case anyone doesn't know, the name is a shout-out to the old "bond vigilantes":
A lot of people are scared by "Anarchast" too!



What's your concern with the name? I'm just curious and wanted to know more about why that name puts you off watching the videos. Thanks :)

Beautiful beach I went to live in there

HIya Lily.
I've just seen the your video with Jeff and wanted to wish you the best of luck building a new life in Mexico. Myself and a friend are running the idea round of doing the same. Just with a few more bucks. But I'll keep an eye open for you posts and keep supporting what you're doing. .
Anyway. Love & Peace always from the UK. . Rea. .

Being fro Detroit myself, and literally planning on doing the same thing with my girlfriend later this year,

I cant thank you guys enough for the inspiration!


I'll send you guys some ether if you have an addy, we'll be hauling our portable crypto mine down south with us.

Ill also send you guys some of my background when i get the chance here, maybe we have mutual friends from Detroit... Either way cant wait to meet ya!

Beautiful photo!

Nice place and photo. 😊

I just was listening to the interview with Jeff and I really like what you have done since you got to Acapulco.....


Cheers from the slave plantation up North, the good 'ol USSA ;)

I just watched the interview. Thanks so much for spending the time to do this. I think your story is awesome and so cool that you have been able to thrive on your journey.

My family and I joke around a lot about "fleeing to Mexico". My wife has family in different parts so we assume we could land on our feet if times got tough. I feel like I could boost my steem skills if I had to earn extra currency.

It seems like when you set out to live different and free that nature somehow puts some wind in your sails.

My family and I want to come down to the next Anarchapulco so I would like to keep in touch and hopefully meet you in person :)


(You can follow me @tsbloyer )

You got a gorgeous view! Watching Jeff Berwick has changed my view of mexico. I can't wait to see more. I will have to make a trip

Keep them shenanigans coming! #WETHEBLESSED🙏 (DJ Khaled Voice)
Love how you are leading by influence and not by position.

Yours Truly,

#Theeillgloryfactory 👨🏻‍🏭

hey guys, I heard you guys say you were starting a glass co so I am wondering if we might be able to work something out. My site is I saw the youtube video and had to wait to get a steemit approval before I could contact you.


Hi there, we are in the beginning stages of starting the glass thing here, but it is definately one of our bigger plans here in Mexico.


Let me know when you are closer to launching and we'll see if there can be some benefit for both of us.

Hello Lily!!
That is how I actually found out about you guys, and I am happy that you got something going on for yourselves, well is very inspiring to say the least. I sent you my e-mail on chat, I saw you at the last second before you logged off, did't have a chance to respond while you were still on. Thank you.