Sure,Steemit get into trouble always

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You should also found, in Steemit, who complain that there is something wrong with here, often get a lot of attention and praise.Reason is obvious, because a lot of guys here have no money.No money, so they are must be wrong "Steemit" resonates.

People often find it hard to question themselves, but it's easy to question others.

Of course, some like here and hope it gets better, But you know, in the political reality, there are also many political problems, including lack of unfair distribution and the fight against crime, likewise, complain that national policies also tend to blow.

They asked Steemit to address issues that Obama could not fix.Obviously, steemit is now an offence for everyone to insult.

These include:

  • ignore spam posts because they hate getting revenge.
  • ignore authors who produce good content but are not familiar with them.
    Because they're afraid there's no return.
  • find fault with others and keep an eye on others self-vote and lackey-ID.

We saw two scapegoat coming out of the complaint, the whale and the steemit.

  • here's the complaint: More SP comes great responsibility, so it's always the whales.
    If I don't get money, it must be the whale's fault. The whale didn't see my talent.

  • these complaints are: there's too much spam on the steemit, too many robots, they don't produce good post, they take our money.

So steemit must be blind.

But is that all the questions?Must I be all right?

Remember, people will always complain, and that's in steemit will do.

Rules, values, behaviors, people are arguing about these things every day every site anywhere, and things that cannot be solved in reality are also facing great difficulties on the Internet.

I like steemit because he can let you complain about it.all right?I like whales too, because I think they must be tired and bitter every day.all right?

The problem still there forever, just like, this post of mine will sink to the ground, right? Can I complain Steemit?

But instead of complaining, work hard and come on, my friends.

About me

We are a team dedicated to the analysis of EOS, and we occasionally see people arguing about steemit.







  • 对垃圾帖视而不见,因为他们讨厌被报复。
  • 对生产了好内容而不熟悉的作者视而不见。因为他们担心没有回报。
  • 对别人吹毛求疵,盯着别人的自投比例和马甲号。
  • 这些抱怨的是:能力SP越大,就该责任越大,所以,抱怨的对象永远都是鲸鱼。如果我不挣钱,那一定是鲸鱼的错,鲸鱼没有看见我多好,他们一定眼瞎了。

  • 这些抱怨是:平台垃圾太多,机器人太多,他们并不产生也优质内容,却拿走了我们的钱。所以steemit一定眼瞎了。








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Thank you, this is what I was feeling but couldn't put it into words. Steem isn't perfect but I think the model is good, that is how I also became interested in EOS.

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A gift .....


Thank you very much. I am new here,although steemit has many questions, I will not give up.

Community autonomy, imperfect but hopeful like the EOSIO.


You will get to know ...if you need some help feel free to ask...
Always ready to help steemians

Infair is always there, accept it not complain.


You're right, but we should try to change it,all right?

I am your fan,I follow you in steemit,thanks luca.come on.


Your support is what keeps us going

If you think steemit is your home, you can put up with any difficulties


That's what we think, so we're sticking with it

The EOS may also produce better steemit,just wait...:)


Have you heard anything new?creating steemit on EOS?

Steemit,although there are many imperfections, it has been a great attempt


We are all honored to be part of this historic process,come on steemit.

this post of mine will sink to the ground, right?

YES,you are right.hahahaha


We're working hard. Don't cancel us :(

Thank you, this is what I was feeling but couldn't put it into words. Steem isn't perfect but I think the model is good, that is how I also became interested in EOS.


Steemit is the angel in our hearts, the devil of reality.I love it and hate.

I have nothing to say....


just enjoy it :)

thanks dan,thanks steemit,thanks everyone,Steemit is a great idea.


The idea of genius makes ordinary people happy

I know a lot of people are complaining, for all sorts of reasons, but they're still here, aren't they?I think they still love it.



There are more people who complain than do things.all right?


We need to complain. Complaining is the first step to reaching consensus,we need to work hard, which is the basis of success.

We like it here not because people tell me what it is, but because we feel the value of steemit


Value is in your heart and faith is the only truth!

I think you write very well, do things follow your heart.

  ·  4년 전



Sharp tools make good heart make good things.

Stick to your dream and you will succeed in the end.I trust you, luca.


thanks a lot

Everyone has their own standards, what should they do, what should they do, that's what free communities are like


I agree with you that liberalism is a good thing, but the community has its own consensus.