Megabot is Growing! Check out these updates!

4년 전

 Today marks the third day @Megabot has been fully charged up and running! With a number of people supporting @Megabot we have made it pass a huge milestone of 1000 SP! We can not thank the community that helped make this happen enough! I personally like to see that amount tripled by the end of the month and I believe it is more than possible to achieve!

Under 24 hours ago @Megabot had a few changes and updates done:

  1. @Megabot now has a dedicated Discord server, any questions about the bot or even a suggestion can be sent in the discord channel. Come in and say hi!
  2. @Megabot now had a support group called Megabot-Supporters group. When you delegate more than 50 SP to @Megabot the steemit account @Rougebot will go ahead and upvote your post.

I personally think that if you delegate 50SP you will quickly see that SP getting earned back at a more than average rate. Right now @rougebot upvote is worth around $0.05 - $0.12. You will be earning that on each post you make along with the percentage of the reward pool that @Megabot receives. Right now @Megabot pays the delegators 80% of the reward pool and takes 20%. So Obviously the more you delegate the higher return you will get from that pool.


Q. What is @Megabot? A. Megabot is a new bid bot started out. It is a minnow's bid bot. With bids that can be as low as 0.01 SBD or 0.02 STEEM any minnow can get the intial boost on their post on the steemit platform.  
 Q. What is so special about @Megabot compared to other bid bots? A. First of all to the bidders that are using our servicces, we have lowest minimum bid values of 0.01 SBD on the steemit bid-bot platform. Also for delegators, we have 80/20 split ratio, means 80% of the profit what @megabot earns is being given away to its delegators and the 20% is being given to the bot handler for maintaining and growing the bid bot further. 
 Q. What are the advantages of delegating to @Megabot? A. Apart of getting a share of the 80% profit of @Megabot, you will be added to the list of @Megabot Supporters which than recieves additional upvotes on the post of the delegators. So along with the liquid reward for your delegation, upvote on your post will help you grow more on steemit platform.   
 Q. What account upvotes the Megabot Supporters? A. At the current moment, @rougebot on steemit will be upvoting the post with an upvote value worth around $0.05 - $0.12 on each post. As the Megabot grows further, more changes  will be made accordingly.(edited)
 Q. What is the minimum SP that I should delegate? A. We recommend to delegate a minimum of 10 SP to @Megabot, to be able to see some profit return from the bot and to get role of @Megabot Supporters and receive upvotes on your post a minimum of 50 SP is required to be made to @Megabot.  

Want to support @Megabot?

If you want to give more power to each minnow that uses @Megabot and earn something for yourself you can delegate to @Megabot. By Delegating to @Megabot you receive a percentage of the 80% reward pool that is taken out for the amazing delegators. 

If you have any questions or suggestions please join and become part of our community at @Megabots discord server!

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Great name. Thank you for supporting the minnows. I will carefully consider some delegation. The upvote is a big plus verse other delegation options.

Best of luck in your growth.


thanks! @rougebot is great at naming things i'll give him that! i have really high hopes for this bot as does @rougebot. I think we are both trying to make this so much more than a bidbot but into a community.

your update is very good and this post has many information about @megabot. thanks for share this update.


Thanks for the resteem! Glad you liked the post.

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