Megabot Profit Charts from 450 Investment!

4년 전

Hello @Megabot users! Hope everyone is enjoying the amazing bidbot bot created by @rougebot! I know I am. We are closing in on our first week of @Megabot being open and operating, I made a few fun charts marking the profits that I have made in STEEM and SBD.

If you do not know what @Megabot is yet:

@Megabot is a bidbot that is directed at helping minnows achieve the recognition that they deserve with their amazing posts that they pour their blood, sweat and tears into. The minimum Bid that @Megabot takes is 0.01 SBD or 0.02 STEEM. Making it so pretty well any minnow/plankton should be able to use the bot and get a decent upvote from the bot!

MegaBots STEEM Profit Chart

From the chart above you can see that day three brought in the most STEEM at 0.186 while day one was our lowest day giving me 0.045 STEEM. 

MegaBots SBD Profit Chart

From the chart above you can see that day three brought in the most SBD at 0.655 while day one was our lowest day giving me 0.008 SBD. 

By looking at these charts I would predict that in the next week it will remain around the same average with small growth. I now have a total of 450SP Delegated out to @Megabot

Want to support @Megabot and Earn Passive Income?

If you are interested in supporting @Megabot and every minnow that uses the bot, you can send a Delegation over to @Megabot to help its Steem Power grow making it give larger votes! By delegating to the bidbot you will receive 80% of the reward pool that is split between the delegators! Higher the delegation the larger percent you will receive!

By Delegating at least 50sp to @Megabot you will also receive access to our Megabot-supporters group on our discord. In this group you will also recieve a extra $0.05 - $0.12 upvote from the account @Rougebot. So you will be earning that on each post you make along with the daily returns you get from @Megabot.

Want to find out more or ask a few questions? You can find myself or @rougebot at the discord channel 

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Good information sir f


Thanks! Feel free to join in on the fun at our discord!

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