BOT and ADS test day 14

2년 전

Test post



Have a nice day!!

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I've given you an upvote and left you this amazing automated comment (since spamming the blockchain is now acceptable)!!

Vote for witness nextgencrypto!!


@berniesanders... Firstly I commend you for your great support on @mairosoft post.

I am so sorry for replying your comment but I had to reply because I don't really understand what you meant by "since spamming the blockchain is allowed".. Can you please elucidate more on this?

I will also love to ask you about your opinion on the present situation at the crypto market. We all know christmas and new year is fast approaching and everyone of us will need money. But due to the condition in the market, do you suggest we can trade some of our steem at that unfavorable price just to celebrate Xmas and new year or we should keep till next year?

Also what's your prediction about the rise of cryptos.. What is your opinion regarding when this unfavorable market condition will come to an end.

Thanks for your lovely comment and I hope you reply my questions.

Have a nice day with love from @hardaeborla 💞