My Cointelegraph Interview about Steemit ... published!!

3년 전

Hi and good morning, here is the link for the Cointelegraph article talking about businesses accepting steem here locally in my home town. The article is in Spanish (translation link below) I hope that I have represented the interests of the community to the best of my abilities and hopefully this article will help to get more people interested in steemit from the Spain and other regions which speak the same language.

Here is the translation in english

Im very excited about stemit and my effort is daily ( I spend more time promoting steemit offline than I do posting or curating), just yesterday I met with a couple more people to give them all the information they require about how steemit works and am acumulating a few investors in the form of friends or business contacts.

This is my little way of saying thankyou to each of you for having been so welcoming to myself and my family. This is my fourth month here on Steemit and IM GLAD TO SAY WE ARE HERE TO STAY!

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Great motivator, dedication and enthusiasm! WOW!!! Thank you for everything you are doing on this platform or for it, maybe the platform could give a special award for STEEMSKETEERS!?!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Hey @eric-boucher your words are very kind! Im trying my best and hope that others will follow in my footsteps as they have inspired me. what is steeskeeters?


"STEEM-SKETEERS", the musketeers of the ever growing Steem world! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Thanks @abit for your comment vote I guess we both know what it means. hope we good now


It will don't doubt it :)

Quedo muy bien! Gracias por compartir y por tus esfuerzos promoviendo la adopcion de esta tecnologia.


gracias @tommycordero espero inspirar a mas de uno para que sigamos creciendo!

Thanks for all you do for Steemit!

That's awesome! Thanks for doing that.


Were all in this together


You are right - we are.

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@mallorcaman I take my hat off you for being able to pull this off
I wish I live near you!