The Cambrian Explosion V2.0

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To this day science has not reached consensus on how life began. My personal philosophy is that the spontaneous creation of life is not extremely difficult and rare, but inevitable and everywhere. That being said, I also believe that it almost just as easy for said life to become extinct. Almost. It is estimated that more than 99.9% of all biological life that ever exited on earth, are currently extinct. I believe in this spontaneous creation of life to the degree that it is created, lives, evolves and becomes extinct in the time spans between fusion reactions in the core of our sun. But I wont elaborate on that now, maybe I will make a post about that some time in the future. The point is, life exists.

4.6 billion years ago, the earth formed. 1.2 billion years after that, the first forms of biologically complex life arose. Al be this complex life by any standards of human complexity, dead, this was life non the less. Over next few billion years, many of these life forms evolved into more and more complex systems. Most didn't. They are extinct. But then one day, only about 600 million years ago, something massive happend. Multi-cellular life. The Cambrian Explosion.

Now to understand why this was such a big deal, think about this. For billions and billions of years life existed on earth, not doing much. Not moving fast distances. Not communicating efficiently. Not collaborating in large groups. Not building structures. Not expanding and recording their knowledge base. They basically, just existed. But from the moment when these, independent single-celled life forms, started to live, co-dependently, something changed. Their efficiency. All of a sudden different cells, part of the same larger organism, could focus on different tasks and evolve accordingly. They could focus on things they had a distinct advantage for. Be it carrying oxygen. Filtering blood. Conveying electrical signals. This is the basis of all life today. Without this change from simple unicellular life to co-dependent multi-cellular organisms, you wouldn't be reading this, and nothing would be the same.

Now what is the Cambrian Explosion V2.0?

For all its wonders, today's flag ship of multi-cellular life, humans, have severe physical restrictions in space and time, in our bodily form. With all your wonderful thoughts and ideas, you can only convey them in your current location and in your current time. Think of all the potential collaborations you have missed out on, with other multi-cellular life, because you were not at the right place at the right time. Well, that has changed to a certain degree. Hello Technology. Transport and communication systems have allowed us to break our physical restraints for collaboration. Recording that collaborations, have allowed us to transcend time.

And what is the current poster child of that?

Steemit. An efficient why for the best multi-cellular life forms to, communicate, collaborate, redistribute resources in a transparent, friction less and fluid manner, all while recording said information in an immutable and decentralized fashion. On a cosmic scale, just think how insane that is, and the fast impact that will leave on the future. We are creating an entirely new type of organism consisting of potentially billions of independent multi-cellular lifeforms (humans). This organism doesn't rest. This organism doesn't forget. And unless every part of this organism dies, this organism will live forever. We are all basically plugging into a block-chain matrix. But instead of having robot over-lords, they are our bots friends. Filtering spam. Up voting things that we will probably find interesting. And with AI in the future, who knows.

We are busy recording everything we're thinking. Everything we're feeling. Everything we're doing. Everything what it means to be human. And in another billion years when our human-history-block-chain has long ago hard-forked with the history-block-chains of billions of alien civilizations, life, whatever that will be, could look back at this very post and see the paradigm shift we are currently creating.

What a time to be alive.

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