What Steemit have just created.

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There's this saying, that if you put one man and one monkey on a deserted island, only the monkey will survive.
But if you put a 1000 men and a 1000 monkeys on that same island, the reverse would be true.

It all boils down to our unique ability to collaborate in large groups.

For hundreds of thousands of years we have developed more and more effective methods to efficiently manage these group collaborations. Chiefs in small tribes represent the start of the centralized control systems, which was the best system for the fast majority of our history, lets not deny that. But as these tribes grew larger and larger, the eventual King's, Pharaoh's and Emperor's had to delegate some of their decision making to trusted subordinates. The hierarchical, centralized control system was born. A system that still survives to this day, on large scales.

And then we have Democracy. Seen by many as the ultimate form of coordinating millions of people, while still maintaining freedom and fairness. The truth is, it is far from that, and at its core, it's just another hierarchical system, with a moving point of centralized control. I admit, for thousands of years, it worked better than all previous systems. It was great, but I believe it about to change.

Many social system's in the last decade, born from the internet, have shown how humans can freely collaborate independent of location, age, race, gender, social status, criminal history etc. on a truly mind boggling scale. That being said, however fun and amazing, these systems can at times display highly erratic decisions making when identifying points of interest (i.e. The Kardashians). Maybe this was Evolution's way a sufficiently distracting the less gifted masses, so that those with cognitive ability could design yet another better system. I don't know.
But what I do know is that these systems were only ineffective, because of a few parts that were missing, until now.

Transparent. Immutable. Trustless. Scalable. Stable. Friction less. And most importantly, Accountable. These are some key characteristics of all blockchains, and now Steemit. The adding of accountability, by means of monetizing, Steemit have created the first successful collaborative system where each and every party are directly intensified to not only contribute, but independently act in the best interest of the entire eco-system. Just saying it, sounds amazing.

I believe that Steemit and systems like it will be the way in which we independently organize ourselves on a truly global scale. The 10% inflation rate when holding Steem Power, is the tax rate of our new world. That's fair. If you don't contribute, you will slowly but surely lose your influence and importance. As it should be. But at any time, you can build it right back up. And everyone of us, has something to offer. This will be the way we work. The way create and enjoy amazing collaborative content. From art, science, design, entertainment, technology, to every day life. It will be the way we authentically express ourselves to the entire world. And it will be there, forever. So your mom was right, you could become president, and you are, of your own little universe.

What a time to be alive.

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Totally in agreement, steemit is the future and between everything we have to collaborate in order that this goes out forward, it is something so different that is difficult to make clear to the people that it is not put in this world, already I go almost 2 months here and even it is difficult to me to believe that my contributions, votes or comments transform in money.


I upvoted you.