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Facebook vs. Steemit

I've been wondering lately why I joined facebook seven years ago. Just thinking about it, I realized that I've been wasting my time that long. Spending my time on facebook for like more than five hours a day everyday and I still don't know why.

Communication with family members who's in the United States? No! We have skype, facetime, and viber for that. Facebook is not really the medium for communication.

I just joined Steemit this August 2017, and I swear I'm regretting not joining earlier. Why? Because in Steemit, I feel I'm more productive and I'm having some sort of plan. Unlike facebook, when I think of steemit, all I think about is informations. It feels like I'm obligated giving knowledge to other steemians though I don't have much reader or fans. (Well, I'm not looking for some, I just wanna share my thoughts.)

In Facebook, when you post your thoughts or whatever it is running on your mind, you'll receive judgements, and other people will start criticising you. In steemit, you share your thoughts and they'll like you even more. It feels like you are more accepted here than on facebook. 

So, heres the real deal:

What I feel about Facebook or using Facebook?

  • Most of us know already that this has been the number one issue in facebook, PRIVACY. Facebook is asking a lot of 'private' stuff about one person and made it available publicly for a wider number of audience or maybe for some threats. We don't know who's been looking at our profiles and stalking us. As an article said, "facebook is designed that way, the private becomes public all too easily."
  • They won't approve using made up names. They actually wanted our real name to be flashed.(unless we used our "screen names if we have one). What if we are hiding our identity to someone? On facebook, it is impossible. Again, privacy issue!
  • It feels like we are working for them. It is a business, business that only facebook is having benefit of. It must be two way thing and not the other way around. We helped facebook grow who have already billions of user, also billions of money. How about the users? What will happen to them? What will happen to us? After we invest our time and money(for internet bill, duh!) on facebook, we still got nothing in return. 
  • What can we learn from facebook? For me, nothing. Because most of the articles shared there is all gossips or celebrity issues, or whatever that doesn't help the economy of the country.

What I feel about Steemit or using Steemit?

  • Well, as we all know that this community is giving us much privacy, keeping ourselves lowkey. It is a platform who never asks too much about our personal lives. We can post photos, stories, and some other stuffs without even have to worry about what could've happen. This is a safe place to share ourselves in a way that we wanted.
  • We can use whatever names we want, including the made up names. We are accepted in any way. No problem at all. 
  • In steemit, we invest our time and knowldege and we got something. Even though it's just a cent or large amount of dollars, we can still say that we got something. Our time is not wasted if we spend it on steemit. In steemit, they give value to whatever we post. We have value in here, unlike in the other platforms.
  • Information there, information here.  There's a lot of informations about good stuffs and whatever stuff there is. Steemit is so informative and no drama at all. You'll be educated and will increase your knowledge about something.

I'm not saying I hate facebook, I'm just saying I love Steemit more.

How about you guys,

What you feel about facebook?

What you feel about steemit?

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OMG, joined up here about the same time as you and totally feel the same way! I have lovingly re-named FB as "wastebook" because it truly is just a time waster. Here, we can share and write with people of like minds. No drama (I've seen a little, but gets taken care of pretty quick). Great connections. Guidance instead of judgements. And a few pennies for what we share.....Glad to meet you and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this....I resonate!!!

For me, joining facebook is not really a waste for all those years, i learned a lot! But in the other hand steemit is more rewarding than facebook!

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