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Also known as an alternator, it converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, usually at certain voltage and frequency levels manufactured by the German Electric Construction Company. It is composed of a static part and a rotary which needs to be moved by a primary energy source.

The generator is usually surrounded by a metal frame and the main materials used are copper wires, for the windings and steel sheets for the magnetic field circuit.

These AC generators are composed of a field of 4 rotating poles and 4-pole stationary armature. The armature is conventionally used to be the main output windings of a generator, which incorporates a magnetic field system and a main output rotary winding. These designs always have collector rings or brushes to transform the mechanical energy from the primary source to the electric energy required.

It should be noted that the generators provide a current of Iŗ that is three or four times higher than the normal current Іn, this current after the motor starts, this must be taken into account when selecting the transformers current required for measuring equipment.

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