Hand Terminal 1747_PT1 and Programming Memory 1747_PTAE

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Hand Terminal 1747_PT1 and Programming Memory 1747_PTAE



The handheld terminal (HHT) v2.03 is a powerful portable programming platform used to configure SLC 500 Compact processors, SLC 5/01 and SLC 5/02, to enter or modify an application program, monitor execution of the application program in real time, or locator and correct the failures of an application program. The HHT accepts programs with a data table of 6k in size, each row can contain up to 127 instructions, unlike the APS system, which has a data table with a maximum size of 16K and each line can contain 128 instructions.

The Programming Memory Package is interchangeable and is available in four languages. When used with the memory pack (v2.03), the HHT can be used to program the SLC 5/02 processor, as well as for connection to the DH-485 network, the HHT does not have the capacity for nested branches or for bifurcations of Conditional departures.

One of the advantages is that it is designed for a variety of memory of industrial environments, shows step-by-step instructions, shows up to 5 rows of logic of stairs at a time, shows PID and MSG instructions (v2.03)

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