The Power of Gratitude

4년 전

The Power of Gratitude


The power of gratitude is in our body and generates certain emotions, whether of well-being and pleasure. When we generate feelings of gratitude in our thoughts, we activate the reward system of the brain, located in an area called Nucleo Accumbens.

This system is responsible for activating our emotions such as laughter, fear, etc. When the brain identifies some emotion that is happening in our life and we deserve to be happy for a moment, there is a release of Dopamine, an important neurotransmitter that increases the sensation of pleasure.

Therefore, people who express gratitude all the time, always express emotions for the gratefulness of their lives due to a high level of positive vibrations, they are in perfect health, they feel committed and with much optimism. That is why we should always be grateful for what we have and why not, too.

Gratitude is related to happiness, dissolves fear, anguish and feelings of anger built by our thinking.


When we give our heartfelt thanks for a gift or kind gestures from people or because he spoke to us in a loving way, we contribute to him feeling loved and valued. Even stranger people react well when we thank them for their good attitudes.

That is why I recommend starting from today, do positive actions, get up in the morning giving thanks to God for being alive, think positive, experience various reasons that you have to feel gratitude, help your neighbor and end your day reflecting on the actions or thoughts that will give you pleasure. Carry gratitude in your heart and live in harmony!


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