Earn With Your Talents On Fiverr

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interested in earning at least five bucks per post? Well keep reading to see how steemit skills can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The opportunity is called Fiverr. it is platform that users can sell their services to other users for $5 or more. Fiverr users post up to 4,000 new listings daily so there is some competition.

You can sell almost any remote service on Fiverr?
listings vary from the basic data entry and marketing tasks to some quite weird ones. There are some sellers in the “Fun & Lifestyle” section that offer:

To paint your message on their body and doing funny dances
To create a video of Donald Trump signing your business’ motto
To render psychic services
To write your girlfriend a love letter for you
To make prank calls
and to be your friend for a day!

You can also render normal services like

Create an artistic representation of the customer
Write comic book scripts
Promote businesses on social media
Write an ICO white paper
Translate a variety of languages
Make video testimonials
Teach people to play an instrument
The options are truly only limited by your comfort level and available time.

is there really money to be made?
There are stories told about Fiverr in forum which lead me to think experiences are much like steemit some haven't sold a thing after months and others who claim to have pulled in over $1 million. it seems your income correlates with your effort to gain exposure.

some may say that the gigs are too much work for the small reward. But how much are you earning on steemit per post? In fact i bet you don’t even make $5 per post(i don't). So even after Fiverr takes 22%, you’re still making $3.92 more than that post may have earned on steemit.

You are also not restricted to $5 per gig; so if your gig is a video about traveling, aimed at people using air bnb, for an extra $10, you could add an option to take it in HD with extra post production available. So depending on the gig and your reputation on the platform you have the chance to earn pretty good income with Fiverr

Fiverr is a lot like steemit to earn more you’ll need to get positive reviews. these reviews come from the quality of your service so make sure to respond quickly to customer inquiries follow Fivers rules and be polite. it may take a while to get your first order but after you make headway people will start rolling in. I suggest you share your gig with all your pals and see if they can help you build up your reviews.

Remember Simply listing your service isn’t enough to make it a successful earning gig. Be sure to post it in the correct category, add photos and a video if you have one. i would also do some personal marketing. Lastly check out the Fiverr forums to get a feel for what has or hasn't worked for other users. I hope the information i have given you motivates you to give fiver a chance be it for rendering services or purchasing them Fiverr is an awesome platform to share your talents on.

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A very motivating post...
But i would love to get a direct contact with you so we can discus more.


i can be reached on discord via https://discord.gg/wRBufja

Wow..such a good place fir market

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