Building up a head of Steem – one month in the Cult of Steemit!

3년 전

Reputation 46.8 SMD $42.961
Steem: 15.781
Voting Weight: 167 SP (with a little help from a friend)
VESTS: 32219.624095
Followers: 114
Following: 383


Is it? I guess we'll find out!

Sanity: Fair to middling

Enthusiasm: Waning slightly. 

Friendly interactions: Many. 

Unfriendly interactions: One. 

Blogs written: 23 

Times that I experienced the “I spent ages on a blog and it sank without a trace” syndrome: 14

Discord groups joined: 4 

Discord groups engaged with: 1 

Bots used: 1 

Comments made: 274 

Comments that didn’t go down well (that I am aware of): 1 

Major concern: It’s a popularity contest more than a blogging platform. 

Real major concern: I am not very good at being popular.



Best moment: Being recognised by Curie. What a lovely surprise.

Worst moment: Blog after being recognised by Curie being hit by the “I spend ages on a blog and it sank without a trace” syndrome. 

Most frustrating moment: Spending ages doing a funny Hitler video that was seen by 3 people.

Most embarrassing moment: Writing a blog about my cats because I thought the internet loved cats and making myself a person who blogs about his cats.

Luckiest break: Finagling my way onto Steemit Bloggers. 

Lessons learned: Don’t talk about guns with people who love guns. 

Most obvious double-edged sword on Steemit: Flagging makes people behave Versus Flagging is open to abuse. 

Most annoying thing on Steemit: People commenting on other people’s work to ask for upvotes.

Conclusions drawn: I don't know enough about cryptocurrencies to talk about cryptocurrencies, and I don't know enough about the nuances of Steemit to talk about the nuances of Steemit, which shuts down two big potential avenues of income on here. All I can do is to keep doing what I am doing, which is networking and writing blogs. And I am not sure I am very good at either! And do I need to find a niche?

Grade for effort: B-

Grade for attainment: B

Must do better!



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A detailed report it is! I foresee a whale in you..It may take a year or more..But if you use better tactics and marketing,It will not take that much of a time.
I'm a month old here too..SP is the biggest concern..I'm looking for SP delegations or SP leasing..Want to study more on this.

All the best!


I wish I had your confidence! I was lucky to get some SP delegated to me from a generous friend. It has made a lot of difference, especially to the bandwith.

i made a deal with myself to put out 60 post in 60 days. i think i would have left early if i hadnt done that. but somewhere in that consistency i realized a few things. the most important one was something i repeat to myself often. Steemit doesnt owe me shit.
it takes a bit of realignment of brain...but we dont expect shit from facefuck or twitter or snapcrap or whatever other social media...but something with the monetizing of steemit changes our feelings and expectation about the platform.
the simple reality is...i have created more articles, poems, blogs, comedy, vlogs, sketches, short films. I have engaged with a shocking amount of folks and been turned on to wild learnings, musings and skills... i even met in real life 4 complete strangers and it was awesome each time. I should owe steemit money for this. but instead have been paid ..even if meagerly.
when i dropped my expectation vibe...i became infinitely happier here.

I liked your candid report card here. all feelings are very normal. I hope you stick with i enjoy popping over....and congrats on finagling your way into steemitbloggers ...good to have you there.


You're absolutely right. Steemit doesn't owe me anything, but as you say, the financial incentivising on here does alter the dynamic and the approach. And I have noticed that those who do seem to be generating a decent income on here are working very hard to so do.

I have a couple of ideas to change my approach, and will crack on with that and see what happens.

Welcome to Steem @matbaker.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Oh my days mat best read i have had in ages.😂Do not be discouraged.Literally I joined a day after you and I am way behind compared to yourself.I am not going to lie I do get disheartened when put alot of effort in a blog especially my recipe ones and not many views.Its so true what your saying.We just have to soldier on.I dont even like the bot business and automatic voting.Feel like i am cheating myself.Oh and trying to get my head around crypto 🤔😕that is another story in itself.Thanks for sharing.👍🏼


Thanks, Pam. Yes, it feels like a slog sometimes, and we are swimming against the tide. The trick is to keep swimming, I think!