Stop Plagiarizing; It's Not Cool

5년 전

Picture Taken From Wikimedia - Rugby471

Can you imagine, to produce a top quality article, you have to read lots of pieces to get some idea, spend a few hours in writing it in your own words and finally, you can proudly push that post button. A few hours later, you saw a post which caught your attention. Not because that particular post has a catchy title or an exciting cover picture or anything, but it seems a whole lot the same like what you were producing a couple of hours ago. You quickly click that post link, and you find out that your suspicion was in fact true. You took what it seems to be an eternity to produce that article, and it only took a few minutes for the plagiarist to push that "copy" and "paste" option on the monitor screen.

Plagiarism violates the fundamental right of an individual. I think it is common sense but sometimes, people use the word "common sense" loosely. For the past two weeks, I've scrolled down the "new" page and find out that some of the articles which are claimed as "original" by the author were in fact plagiarized from uncited sources or they were using an image without putting any credits or link back to its rightful owner. Sigh. Please be responsible people. Last week, I read a post written by @steemstem entitled "Guidelines on Copyright Standards in SteemSTEM". You can check out the post by clicking here. It's one of the article's components that we're usually violated without even knowing.

Picture Taken From Wikimedia - Nina Paley

Be original, and someday, you will be rewarded for your hard work. Yes, your hard work. If you would like to check whether or not your article has some sort of plagiarized content, you can check out a few of the free plagiarism site. One of my favourites is the EduBirdie Plagiarism Checker. I know some of you might be desperate and want to make quick bucks but plagiarism would be the worst idea, ever.

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