The success story



I have a story to tell someday. It is a beautiful one as well. This is the story that tells the history of the many struggles that we passed through to this far. It was never easy and soft. But through it all, a lot of lessons have been given to that effect. That is the lesson of the blockchain. You either quit or live with it. The most interesting part was to know that, the team got filled with members that were self-motivated even though situations looked bad most times. But with hard work and perseverance, we made it. And that is the story to tell the world someday. History has been made here in Ghana at various places in all communities and regions. We made sure blockchain is the family everyone could be with. It was the talk of the day. From offices to offices, schools, workplaces, markets, and everywhere. We still live the dream. More is yet to be achieved. This is the new world. let us embrace it.

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Great to see Guys having worked hard in this Steem Block chain. I remember when you were embarking that wonderful project to improve deprived Schools in Ghana you did all that whole heatedly to support these less privilege students. Thank you for reviewing this great story again. I know, together we can push Steem


That is very true bro