To all people, all nations, and all mankind,

2개월 전

To all people, all nations, and all mankind,

And to all future generations,

Promoting and achieving the United Nations global goals for sustainable development by 2030 and happiness, well-being and freedom for all life on Earth by 2050, according to UN 65309 and 66281 and the 2012 United Nations High-level Meeting on Happiness and Well-being-Existence: Defining a new economic paradigm, which requires that we stand With these brave individuals, not widely known to humanity, yet who voluntarily advance to the front lines in the great battle for democracy and freedom and against tyranny, tyranny and enslavement, and ultimately on behalf of the happiness and well-being of all life on earth. Let us stand with that great leader of all leaders, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, to defend and strengthen democracy, freedom and happiness for all mankind. We call all people, all nations,

If we lose democracy, if we lose freedom, there will be no global goals of sustainable development, and there will be no global happiness or well-being for all. So let the word come out at this time and place in the great story of all of us, that the theme of the 2022 World Day of Happiness, Happiness for All, Ukraine, is a call to action for all people, all nations, the United Nations, and all humanity to stand by the people, government and country of Ukraine, and in In the end, stand by the happiness of all civilizations and all mankind."

Founder of United Nations World Day


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