Summary of the League (2018-2019). 03-02-19

4개월 전
On 02-03-19, the first four matches of the Day No. 26 of the Spanish Football League took place, with important matches among which the 2nd. Classic Spanish Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona, having as headquarters the Santiago Bernabeu of the Spanish capital, with the victory by a marker for the minimum of the visitor, with this result the difference to choose the championship is increased, leaving the Merengue team without a chance.

(Foto: AFP)

Said victory had a protagonist Rakitie, after receiving a rating of Sergi Roberto behind the center Ramos and before the departure of goalkeeper Courtois with the instep of the right foot raised the ball over it to give the team victory cule. Game characterized by arrivals from both sides to the goals of their opponents team with the fortune of the winning team, which shows how well Barcelona is playing.
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